i wanted to wake up early this morning and so i could get some extra hours of coding, but trying to wake up early on a monday morning is pretty much impossible. i woke up at my usual time (9am) then left for work. it was snowing, nothing surprises me at this point, i just ignored it and headed to the subway station.

today we had carly's birthday lunch at vinalia in downtown crossing. the place was a little fancy, the kind of restaurant with a single sheet of menu items. i had a wood oven cooked chorizo pizza with mozzarella cheese (the chorizo tasted remarkably similar to kielbasa sausages) then had a creme brulee for dessert. walking back to the office, we watched as kristine sped far ahead of us, with adam following a distant second.

a wave of relief to finally get jellyfish done (at least for bug testing anyway), now it's on to the weather game with it's switchboard of 12 colored lighted buttons to play with. i left work knowing that a brand new project awaited me for tomorrow.

a usps package sat on my doorstep when i got home (i love getting packages), my "city of darkness" book finally arrived from giantrobot.com, about the walled city of kowloon. i was surprised they had it, a search on amazon.com shows that it's out of print and it costs close to $100 to buy an used edition (instead of the $63 that i paid). checking the publication date on the back cover however reveals that this particular edition was printed just last year, so i'm surprised amazon.com doesn't carry it (it might be because it's a british book). anyway, it's an amazing book with incredible photos, i'll make sure to show anyone who visits.

for dinner i reheated my leftover thai curry from 6 days ago and cooked up some basmati rice. i watched "behind the camera: the unauthorized story of 'charlie's angels'" on NBC. hey, isn't that the sexy android from the new battlestar galactica playing farrah fawcett? good trashy fun.