it's great you know, this $2 slice of al capone's pizza, which in fact is really 2 slices of pizza disguised as 1 slice. al capone's is definitely not taking a cue from macdonalds when it comes to phasing out supersizing. i picked up my lunch after a run with kristine. 52 degrees, which i thought was cold, but since kristine asked to borrow my t-shirt, i wasn't going to be upstaged so i wore a t-shirt as well. little did i know she also brought her longsleeved pullover, which she put on immediately after we stepped outside. kristine wanted to do beacon hill, i just wanted to do the charles. in the end i had my way, although running next to the frozen river didn't make it any warmer. we made it down to the exercise station, then crossed the foot bridge into BU territory and ran city streets back to the office.

back at work, alex was already gone for the rest of the week on his business trip (we assembled all the equipment just in the nick of time) and katrinka went home for the day after feeling sick. it's amazing to see the office still functioning when the bosses are gone. whenever leadership is required, i immediately look to the oldest person, which in this case happened to be me. trying to set a good example, i went about my work diligently, like the exemplary employee that i am. i did take a quick snack break and went to aji ichiban to get some dried prunes (powdered sugar and hot & spicy variety).

carly, our project manager, turned 30 today. this news came as a shock to me, i always thought she was a little older because she's friends with alex's girlfriend april, so i just immediately assumed she was around alex's age. this of course means that i like her even more now since i have a special affinity for anyone born in 1974. come october, there will be 3 people in the office who are 30 years old once adam has his birthday.

after i got back home, alex wong dropped by, in what is becoming our special wednesday night tradition. though normally quite a pessimist, alex's spirit has improved a little bit now with a possible job prospect in japan, thought nothing definite yet. he ordered his peking raviolis while i toaster oven cooked the 4 potentially rotten drumsticks i had marinating in this mongolian barbecue sauce from last night. i also microwave heated sunday night's senjianbao and ate those instead (the chicken was too burnt, and i was afraid of contracting something). we watched the 2 hour premiere of stephen king's "kingdom come" on ABC, it was okay, vintage stephen king though, soap opera quality with a dash of supernatural creepiness. one of the characters is a CGI anteater who talks with a streetwise accent, try to make sense out of that one.

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