i just wanted to come home and sleep. not only was i tired, i was also hungry, at a point where things started to spin a little bit. the office is like a casino, with so few windows, i don't know what time it is, and before i knew it, it was close to 2pm and i didn't have anything to eat all day. on top of that, my stomach still wasn't feeling very well from last night's dinner.

in spite of that, i mustered enough strength to go out running on this clear blue 45 degrees day. there was some traffic, i was running a few yards behind some guy and in back of me some other guy was following us. it wasn't a hard run, but like i said, with not enough sleep and food, i lacked the proper energy and i was pretty burned out by the end. afterwards, i grabbed a gyro sandwich from downtown crossing and came back to work. earlier this morning on my desk was a gift certificate from katrinka and brian for shabuzen, a little token of appreciation for taking care of snickers their cat when they were on vacation.

after work i went to cvs where i waited in line for 15 minutes at the pharmacy desk for my prescription. some guy in front of me left the line for a few minutes then came right back to his original spot. i wanted to say something, like, "why don't you get back to the end of line?" but we were already close to the end. there was only one other person behind us and he didn't look like the sort who would back me up if i decided to throw down against a line cutter. minutes later a woman cut in front of me as well, she turned out to be his girlfriend. the two of them were well-matched, she was just as inconsiderate as he was, reading a magazine and letting all the subscription postcards fall out without picking them up.

a beautiful thing sat in the sky this evening, a close conjunction between earth's crescent moon and planet venus. i stood outside porter square station a few minutes just admiring this eye-catching celestial juxtaposition, nobody else taking any notice. i miss living in the suburb and having a backyard that i can set up my telescope and spend a night amongst stars. i may live in the city of cambridge, but i'm a suburbanite at heart. sometimes, living so close to my neighbors, having only a brief glimpse of the night sky, it's depressing.

before i entered the house i already knew my roommate was home because i could see the light in his bedroom window. he was here with his girlfriend. they were here doing laundry again. i love how my place is just a really expensive private laundromat for them. they remained hidden in his bedroom, silent. i hope everything is all right and i won't have to wake up to a house smelling like dead corpses days from now. i was happy to see that my amazon.com order had arrived, two books for julie, one eastern forests guide for me. eventually my roommate and his girlfriend did emerge, put the wash into the dryer, and went out. "where are you going?" i wanted to ask, but i said nothing. i took the opportunity to heat up the last slices of leftover pizza and ate two overripe plums as well.