last night i watched a horror movie called below (2002) about a haunted WWII submarine. it was pretty good, starring a couple of actors that i've seen here and there but don't really know their names. darren aronofsky co-wrote the story and directed by david twohy (who wrote warlock and pitch black but also waterworld). usually ghost stories just don't do it for me, let alone one that takes place on a submarine, but this one seemed to work, the claustrophic nature of undersea navigation enhancing the creepy mood. then around 5am i went to bed, the domestic comfort of clean sheets awaiting my tired body. i had a weird dream:

the EMS store in harvard square is a popular bookstore going out of business. the shop is nearly empty of inventory, most of the books already sold, and i talk with the woman behind the counter about what happened. suddenly in walks anthony michael hall, he says hi to us both, takes a quick tour of the place, then leaves. i can't get over how tall he is and when he walks by i see that he's wearing really tight black pants. "did you see that?" i whispered to the book woman. "yeah," she said, "anthony michael hall." we both nod. as he's leaving, i notice he has a large duffle bag, like he's about to take the chinatown bus to new york city. out the glass door i see someone peering into the store. it's julie, i wave to her, she comes in. i tell her we just saw anthony michael hall, and then i say, "and he was wearing really tight pants." julie looks apologetically at the woman behind the counter and says, "oh, that's just something tony would say."

the first half of my day (woke up close to 1pm, i really indulged in sleep, although seeing how i went to bed at 5am, it really shouldn't be a surprise) could be called, "i risk my life eating things that shouldn't be eaten." i've got a gallon of whole milk in the fridge a week expired. it smelled fine, so i drank it anyway with some autocrat, the sweet coffee taste perhaps masking any sour taste that would alert me to the the fact that the milk might be spoiled. i waited to see if i would have some sort of bad reaction but nothing happened. next, i cooked up some spicy italian sausages on the foreman. the foreman is only good for flat food, like hamburgers or chicken cutlets. it's hard to cook up sausages which are cylindrical (although if i was smart, i would cut them in half first). the links felt sticky to the touch, which was probably a bad sign, and didn't smell rotten but didn't smell right either. not wanting to have it go to waste, i cooked them anyway. i had them on the grill longer than usual, the thought was it would kill off any germs. it totally stank up my 780 square feet house and the final sausages weren't very good either, dried and black. i ate one, then had the rest later. a few hours later, there was an untelevised revolution happening in my stomach, and the government of suspect food was overthrown through several bathroom visits. ha ha, sunday fun!

i also made flan (again), birthday flan for father who was celebrating his natal anniversary today. my parents came over in the evening after work and we went out to dinner (my sister couldn't make it, she had something social with a friend). i sort of put the idea in their heads that it'd be best if we went out for indian food, so we drove to davis square and went to diva's. i've had some recent success with indian food, and figured my parents would really enjoy it because it's very spicy and has good flavor. can't remember the last time they had indian, probably over a decade ago. unfortunately, not sure what it was, but it wasn't so good tonight, and i got the feeling my parents weren't too impressed. the kiss of death came when my father noted, "it still can't compare with the variety of chinese food," which suddenly i agreed with, and couldn't for the life of me remember why i even like indian food in the first place. i had the lamb korma again, this time i was able to finish, but i was so full afterwards, i was swearing off food for the next week.

after they doggy-bagged the leftovers, we left. i bumped into my neighbor jack browsing the new hollywood express video store, which is kind of suspicious because we have one near where we live, much closer too. he said something about, "i heard you have a birthday coming up," and i laughed and quickly led my parents away. my parents came back to my place, where we had the birthday flan and some tea as well, including the tiny tea balls they brought me (is there a name for those?) which opens up into leaves when you soak them. they were falling asleep so they left (i think it's the jetlag).

i watched some documentaries on wolf behaviors in domestic dogs and swimming with prehistoric sea monsters, falling asleep on the couch, waking up only to write this weblog entry and to brush my teeth so i don't end up with cavities.