most of the day i was in a sullen all-business mood. there were bugs to be fixed and plenty of other work to finish. four monitors sit on my desk, three different projects divided amongst them, with two more testing machines located in other parts of the office. though i wasn't trying to draw attention to myself, more than one person at work asked if i was okay. in a monotone, i'd say "yes" and walk back to my desk to continue debugging. i thought about running, but rationalized myself out of it, too cold, too busy, too hungry. i had the leftover chatsuo from yesterday for lunch, coding while i ate. i felt very deserving of rest when it was time to go home. i didn't go back to cambridge however; my parents had returned from their 3 weeks trip to taipei and beijing, so i met them in alewife where i got a ride back to belmont.

i couldn't believe it when they said it was colder in taipei than it was here in boston. maybe they missed the 3 weeks where we had -20 and -30 degrees wind chills, but they said it's colder in taipei because none of the houses have heating so it's like 50 degrees all the time, regardless of where you go. honestly, i'd take 50 degrees over -30 degrees any day. once we got home, we brought in the suitcases and boxes. why is it when somebody comes home from a trip, there's always the expectation of, "what did you bring me?" like they're some how obligated to return with presents. my parents didn't disappoint though, bring back all sorts of food and trinkets, even got me a new fancy mini rice cooker. we ordered pizza for dinner since my parents were in no mood to do any cooking after a day of traveling back from asia. after a couple of slices, i gathered up my presents and got a ride back to cambridge.

golden pig lighter

soapstone lions

jade opera masks

food from aboard

wedding pastry box

spong cake with
golden dot