it was 42 degrees today and i wanted to go running but i was reminded of a coding deadline today so i decided to put work ahead of physical fitness. i didn't eat until after 3pm, got some chatsu from the butcher shop across the street. after work i went to davis square, where i first stopped off at a macdonalds (double cheese burger meal) before arriving at julie's place, where joel was already there, the two of them together in the bedroom...talking taxes! the three of us were going to go see the fog of war at kendall. julie made contraband burmese curry flavored popcorn. the movie was interesting but put everyone to sleep (julie and joel admitting later they too nodded off during the film), kind of like a college lecture. the fact that i was up to 4am last night didn't help matters much either. robert mcnamara, age 85, looking back at his war career as a series of sun-tzu like lessons. i've found him to be smug and unapologetic, painting himself as the hero in his own personal history of what happened. i see him more as an untried war criminal, the only reason why he's still free is because he's an american war criminal. i would've learned more watching a 2 hour history channel documentary about american warfare in the 20th century, there's a certain subjectiveness to the film that forces you to question whether what you're hearing is the truth or the wishful thinking of a man who's responsible for sending 50k+ americans to their deaths in vietnam not to mention the millions of vietnamese casualties. still, it's interesting to hear mcnamara's views on the subject of warfare, old age has allowed him to think long and hard about his actions, and he certainly has the wartime experience to back it up. it's also befitting that the lessons he presents can be applied to bush's war in iraq and on terrorism. after the movie, joel dropped julie and i off in davis square while he went home. we had dinner at diva's, i had the spicy lamb korma. because i didn't eat very much during the day, i figured i'd have a big appetite, but i wasn't able to finish my meal and had it doggie bagged instead. julie then gave a ride home after being worried that she'd be locked out of her apartment because she didn't have her keys.

Lesson #1: Empathize with your enemy.
Lesson #2: Rationality will not save us.
Lesson #3: There's something beyond one's self.
Lesson #4: Maximize efficiency.
Lesson #5: Proportionality should be a guideline in war.
Lesson #6: Get the data.
Lesson #7: Belief and seeing are both often wrong.
Lesson #8: Be prepared to reexamine your reasoning.
Lesson #9: In order to do good, you may have to engage in evil.
Lesson #10: Never say never.
Lesson #11: You can't change human nature.