i spent the whole day with my back on the couch. the only time i was up was to eat and when i briefly went out for a run. for the first time in a long time the temperature was actually above freezing, 32 degrees, even though the wind chill kept it feeling like 22 degrees. i can't remember the last time i ran, it seems like it's been weeks. it was warm out, but i kept on rolling and unrolling the sleeves on my turtleneck because minutes later i'd be feeling cold again. for lunch i had the leftover mongolian chicken from last night, and for dinner i cooked up a strip of babyback ribs in the oven. they were beef ribs, which mean the bones were huge (i didn't realize this when i bought them), but a hearty meal nevertheless.

when evening rolled around, it was time to watch the superbowl. i kept a transcript while i watched the game, it's a little raw since sometimes i'm just ranting but here it is:

josh groban sings in honor of the shuttle astronaut families? i love how the superbowl is not just about sports anymore. and how cold is it in texas? why is that dude wearing a scarf? okay, and then they have an reenactment of an astronaut planting the american flag on a simulated moon? cheese!

beyonces sings the national anthem wearing a conservative white dress. is she performing in the halftime as well? i'm kind of disappointment she doesn't have one of her traditional booty outfits, but i guess it'd be inappropriate for the national song.

pizza hut, muppet commercial with jessica simpson. do people still like the muppets? it's like being fixated with charles in charge or head of the class. maybe i'm just prejudiced against puppets, but i don't think the muppets are timeless.

patriots opening possesion
vinatieri misses the kick! oh no! that's a bad sign.

fedex alien commercial, dumb

dodge monkey on your back, lame. and it's not even a monkey! it's a chimpanzee.

2nd panthers possession
delhomme sacked!

a bear loves pepsi so much he impersonates a human to get some of that dark carbonated soda action -- ha ha! stupid; bring back britney!

2nd patriots possession
couldn't get the first down, ken walter kicks, not bad! lands on the 10 yard line.

van helsing trailer, i'll go see it - is catherine zeta jones in it?

bud light - ha ha, guys getting bikin wax, stupid

i am so not watching survivors all-stars

3rd panthers possesion
delhomme nearly sacked at the goal line! patriots defense rocks! carolina can't even kick it off in time, what gives?

troy trailer, i had to go use the bathroom, missed it

willy nelson doll, the don zimmer cameo in allusion to when he attacked red sox pitcher pedro makes me hate this commercial instantly.

3rd patriots possession
no score yet.

budweiser "where did he learn to take a beating like that?" one of those rare commercials where a guy isn't portrayed as stupid, and it's the wife (the nagging wife) that's the villain.

cool monster.com commercial, old guy young guy symmetry.

4th panther possession
no action.

sierra mist, float parade kilts "that's just wrong, dad" - i love commercials where little kids sustain emotional trauma.

(2nd quarter)

4th patriots possession
patriots get stopped followed by a bad ken walter kick (i'm not surprised).

budweiser donkey klydesdale (sp) tryout

alamo trailer, it's not turning me on

5th panthers possession
delhomme sacked!

pepsi "girl who downloaded music free from the internet" cool commercial, i thought it was some kind of anti-drug message at first, but instead it announced to the world the unholy union between apple computers and pepsi soft drinks.

mitsubishi commercial with guys throwing things off the back of semis onto the highway, pretty cool.

5th patriots possession
4 and inches! they make it after some controversy.

bud light: horse fart. sure to be a classic in fraternity circles!

phillip morris ad, "1 in 5 kids will smoke" public service announcement, like the devil telling you to be good.

charmin' toilet paper - the most unintentionally homoerotic commercial perhaps tonight. the quarterback gently wiping his hands behind the butt of the passer? what's going on?

5th patriots possession continue...
carolina challenges where the ball was spot and loses
vinatieri kicks again...no good! blocked? NO!

starsky & hutch trailer, retrocool

pepsi rebound love commercial...i miss those britney days.

6th panthers possession
delhomme sacked from behind and fumbled!

6th patriots possession
brady runs it for yardage mcnabb style!
touchdown! vinatieri makes the extra point (whew!)

visa - winter girls beach volleyball - NICE!

7th panthers possession
2 penalties put them almost on their own scoring line, but delhomme makes a good throw and its caught.

secret window trailer, with johnny depp and maria bello

chevy "holy shit" kids eating soap -- child abuse is funny! children swearing is funnier!

7th pathers possession continue...
panthers get a touchdown...

7th patriots possession
long throw complete! almost a touchdown. then booyah touchdown!

8th panthers possession
bringing it close to the new england endzone! but 5 seconds left! trying for a 53 yar kick -- oh DAMN! they got it. CAR 10 NE 14. end of the first half.


guiness - st.patricks day is like christmas, i like it when beer companies use a holiday tradition normally reserved for kids as a shtick to sell beers to adults.

halftime show
jessica simpson - so happy she's not there with her husband.
janet jackson! where has she been? performing one of her classic songs. still good though.
puffy? yawn. good time for a bathroom break. "hey diddy, you're so fine, you blow my mind." a travesty.
i like how nelly really dressed up for the event in his clean wifebeater.
oh great, kid rock is coming out. maybe there's enough time for me to go no.2 as well.
janet comes back out, costume change! rhythm nation? OH SNAP! it is!
jt and janet? justin, stop flirting with my girlfriend! janet, kick his ass, he's not nasty, he won't call you ms.jackson!

nfl network: nfl people singing "the sun will come out tomorrow" classic

(3rd quarter)

did somebody run out onto the field? is it a streaker? show me!

1st patriots possession (of the 2nd half)
patriots have to kick it

sierra mist: guy and dog jumping into glasses of cold beverage from a rooftop -- what's with that?

1st panthers possession
2nd and 18 -- 2nd and 13 -- hurdles a guy to get the first down -- son of a ! panthers have to kick it, land on the patriots 9 yard line.

bud light - talking chimpanzee hitting on hot girl. why are there so many animals in these commercials? enough with the animals! especially when there's potential bestiality implied. this commercial is gross.

staples office supply guy godfather

2nd patriots possession
we get nothing but walter kicks a 53 yard punt and carolina gets a 10 yard penalty on top of that, so they're in the hole.

another cool monster.com commercial. some disco theme song.

2nd panthers possession
delhomme sacked again! or maybe he just tripped. whatever, panthers got to kick it is all.

hidalgo trailer with viggo, reminds me of the mummy crossbred with lawrence of arabia.

3rd patriots possession
they used the special matrix camera! they should use it more often! maybe it's expensive, that's why they don't. maybe they can raise the ticket prices from $500 to $1000.

(4th quarter)

3rd patriots possession continues...
a running touchdown! i'm feeling good about a potential second superbowl victory!

budweiser guy racing in his car to deliver a lipstick to his girlfriend flying in a plane. "this isn't mine," she says when he get there. i love it!

3rd panthers possession
oh no, panthers get a touchdown! when the panthers get their offense together, they're pretty fast and explosive. patriots win some to be in limbo now.

budweiser commercial with stupid rick fox. as much as i think the celtics suck now thanks to danny ainge who has totally ruined the team, my former love for said basketball team makes me instantly hate this commercial because it has rick fox in it.

homer simpsons mastercard "priceless" commercial, some people will like it, but i'm sort of lukewarm (although it was mildly funny) because i'm not a big simpsons fan.

girls dressing up to by beer but then end up not buying it "you girls found everytihng you need? just checking," says the clerk. what he means is, "i come free with the potato chips".

4th patriots possession
we get down to almost the panther's end zone and brady throws an interception. no matter though, we'll get the ball back.

4th panthers possession
panther scores a touchdown. this blows. about 7 minutes left in the game though. patriots have to score one of their own. patriots nation is in stunned silence.

5th patriots possession
CAR 22 NE 21 like a nightmare...but wait...patriots get a TOUCHDOWN! go for the two points new england! AND IT WORKED! snap snap snap! 22-29 new england!

5th panthers possession
no...no...panthers TOUCHDOWN...no...the game is tied. 29-29. i feel sick. what if the patriots lose? i don't think i'll be able to go to work tomorrow.

6th patriots possession
within field goal range...8 seconds left...adam to kick...WE WIN WE WIN!