lunch and dinner are like two axis that the rest of my day revolves around. they are like two constants that regardless of what happens everyday, these two events always occur. today's lunch was two spicy italian sausages cooked on the foreman grill with a glass of smoothie. today's dinner was a slightly improvised affair, mongolian barbecue flavored stir fried chicken cooked in chili oil with red peppers and cashew nuts and scallions served over egg noodles. dessert was interspersed throughout the day, an ice cream drumstick one minute, a dish of flan the next. i washed the bathroom (the shower walls), scrubbing between the tiles with a bleaching agent until my hands were thoroughly infused with the smell of chlorine. i went grocery shopping to stock up on some food i'll be having tomorrow, superbowl sunday. on television i was fascinated by the idea of the 7 layer party dip on the food network.

mike called this morning asking if i was home, since his girlfriend took his keys when she went to new orleans so he couldn't get into my place. i knew the story but i asked him anyway after i let him into the house, "so wendy has your keys?" i inquired. "i gave her the keys so she could come by and pick up the laundry," he told me. this was no surprise because i was actually here when it happened thursday night. i let him off the hook easy and didn't pursue the matter any further.

dan and cymara came by around 9pm to pick me up so we could go to eric and csilla's winter cocktail party in medford. the party was held as a last social fling before csilla gives birth in march. i've been to eric's place before (at least the outside anyway), so i was able to gave cymara driving directions from the backseat.

cymara, jane, rob

...with dan

tim, roy, jim

there was already a lot of people by the time we got there. mp3's were being streamed from an apple powerbook, and people crowded around the food tables in the dining room and the kitchen. there were a lot of friends of eric and csilla, none of whom i recognized, as well as ex-screen house people, whom i all knew: joyce, roy, joel, jim, dave, then later tim giordano and rob house. it was almost like a mini-screen house reunion, and the party was split up into two camps, extshers and others.

receiving drinks

other guests

joel, sara

rob wanted to know if i purposely go out and do stuff in order to make the weblog entries seem more interesting ("actually, i wish i did more interesting stuff, most of my days are pretty boring"). i sampled a martini, which made me realize that alcohol comes in three flavors: ass (beers), medicine (wine), and fire (martini). i also had some bailey's, which fit in the medicine category of alcohol. i bought a bottle of raspberry ginger ale, which i called "pink gin" to make it sound harder than it actually was. by the time dan and cymara left around midnight (which meant i was leaving too, since they're my ride), there was some dancing in the living room, but most of the people had already left, leaving eric cavorting around like a madman in their apartment (which by the way was lovely, turkish rugs everywhere, i estimate the place to be 1200 square feet).

tim, eric

...with dave

booze table