when you're dealing with temperatures in the minus fahrenheits, it's all the same. all you have to know is that it's very cold and bare skin starts freezing within minutes of exposure while the space behind your eye sockets hurt. i got dressed in the most amount of clothes i've had on all season, a hoodie over a hat with a scarf. i could barely see through all that insulation but at least i was warm. i made it to boston, big billows of smoke rising from rooftops again against a backdrop of a clear blue sky.

we had a special guest at work, carly's sister rosie paid us a visit, not sure the reason, could've been bring your sister to work day. she kept herself busy on an ibook next to carly the whole day. because of her, today we realized that itune playlists can be shared across the local network, like a collective song pool. finally fellow coworkers can sample the sweet delights of my special brand of music! at one point i saw 3 different users were listening to my playlist. i believe you can tell a lot about a person by the kind of music they listen to. rosie had a good collection of hipster music, i was able to get a copy of her best of bollywood album.

i went out on a mission to find pomegranates during lunch. i visited at least 4 chinese supermarket yesterday, none of them had the fruit. today i decided to go to the super 88 on the border of chinatown and the south end. the walk was cold, the mission a bust. the super 88 at allston has pomegranates but not the super 88 in boston apparently. i ended up getting some snacks and vending a plastic snake toy with the change that i got back. coming back, i stopped off at my favorite takeout place and got some salt & pepper ribs, really delicious, looks like i've found another personal favorite. i washed it down with a bottle of cold jasmine tea i bought at 88.

i left the office at 7pm, but spent the last 30 minutes browsing the web for alternative webhost providers. sharpweb.com (my provider) seemed to be back up again, but i still had problems getting into my site. i'd discover later that it wasn't entirely their fault; my domain name registrar had some issues with their name server the past day or two and had problems rerouting domain names.

i cashed mike's rent check at the porter square fleet bank and cut through the porter exchange where i found alex talking to some japanese guy. "meet me at my place," i told alex as i walked back home. 30 minutes later he showed up, "got anything to eat?" was the first thing he asked me. he ended up getting an order of peking raviolis from zoe's, which he seems to love because he gets it every single time, but it could because he's a creature of habits. we watched a little bit of the simple life ("good bye rich bitch!" some guy yelled to paris hilton) followed by black hawk down. my father came by to pick up a jacket and to drop off some bubble ice tea making equipment. alex left when the movie was over.

after doing some light reading in the bathroom, i decided to take a relaxing bath instead of the usual shower. i submerged myself in the "poor man's pool" with only my head and my feet sticking out, listening to the crackle of the bubbles. thoughts come much easier in the bathtub, lying there letting my mind drift, almost falling asleep. i got out when all the bubbles had dissolved. by then it was midnight, a good time to work on the weblog.