before i start on my monday, i'd first like to elaborate what transpired late last night. my roommate came back from california. somehow i knew this would happen, but he didn't have the keys to the house (which were with his girlfriend, who had yet to arrive in town), so he rang the doorbell after first calling me and not getting any answer (blame bad reception). i let him in, he told me he didn't have his keys. "maybe you left them with your girlfriend," i said with mild sarcasm. "oh yeah, that's right," he said, failing to detect my acrimony. i could've easily confronted him about the laundry incident, but decided to hold my tongue. he waited for his girlfriend to get back into town and call him. i had a spare backdoor key and told him he could use it if he wanted to, but his attitude seemed to be one of, well, i'm going to hook up with my girlfriend later anyway, i'll just get the keys from her. getting late, i went to bed. when i woke up an hour later, my roommate was gone, the backdoor key missing (see, he needed it after all).

i left this morning with my new hoodie on (felt very 8 miles) to shield my hair from the misty rain. i'm not sure what it was, but i felt sort of light-headed at work today, either i was really hungry or i was coming down with something. so what did i do? i went out and got a venti chai latte at starbucks for lunch as well as a blue cheese chicken sandwich from cosi's. the latte made me feel worse, i was jacked for the next few hours, couldn't stop moving, had a bad case of the shakes, rocked back in forth in my chair, bobbing to the music in my head. I MUST NOT DRINK CAFFEINATED COFFEE OR ANY OF ITS OTHER DERIVATIVES. by day's end the jitters started to subside, but i still wasn't feeling very well. fortunately i have a doctor's appointment at MGH tomorrow afternoon, so if i do end up with something, i will be in good hands.

walking back home in the rain from the t station, my cellphone rang. alex wong, parked in front of my house, my personal neighborhood watch, told me my roommate and his girlfriend just left. "i'll be right there," i told alex. back inside, the thermostat was raised to 70 degrees (i told him before to turn down the heat if he's not going to be home), a circle of dirty dishes crowded the edge of the kitchen sink (i've never seen him do dishes, he just leaves them by the side of the sink for me to do, doesn't even bother soaking them). alex (who no longer has free cable in his malden apartment nor has the money to get it now that his unemployment is over) stayed to watch some two towers, followed by britney vs. christina on VH1, then average joe 2: hawaii on NBC. i thought about making lasagna tonight, or maybe a souffle, but with alex here, i made french bread pizza instead, which he's had before, but he said it was very good this time, even though i think i muddled the recipe by combining four different kinds of leftover cheese from the fridge.

i also shaved off my goatee, purely spur of the moment, i wanted to do it when i left porter square earlier tonight. now my face feels naked! by the end of the week, i will have some growth back though.

my fish are still staying alive. they're kind of timid though, they sort of hide near the back of the tank where it's hard for me to see them. i wish i had more fish though, but this way the water doesn't get too dirty with overcrowding. i feed them once a day in the morning, about 4-5 flakes, i hope that's enough. i had the light turned on today when i left for work, gave them an 8 hour dose of man-made sunlight.