while buying my mbta pass this morning at harvard square, i saw a woman give an open mouth sneeze right onto the glass partition of the ticket counter. i was repulsed, to say the least. i made sure i didn't touch my hands to my face until i could get to the office and wash them with dishwasher detergent and hot scalding water. if i'm going to get sick it's going to be on my own terms, not from some woman who doesn't know to cover her mouth when she sneezes. i wouldn't want to get sick off of her even if you paid me.

i almost didn't make it to harvard square this morning. i had to wake up earlier than usual, and when my alarm clock went off, i was immediately rationalizing how i didn't need to go buy a subway pass today, that i could do it in the afternoon, or maybe tomorrow, there was still plenty of time left. but i managed to will myself out of bed, take a shower, then out the door wearing my new red sneakers, my "desperate cry for attention" shoes.

today was the battle of the lunches. the carefully prepared mid-day meal i had tranported via a rubbermaid container was ready for display. kristine made some sort of curry soup with carrots. it was okay except it wasn't served warm and it wasn't hearty, two things i look for in all my soups. i don't want to brag as to who had the better lunch, but i know i won't be losing any sleep over it tonight.

i left the office briefly to get some groceries from meitung supermarket for tonight's dinner. the buzz in the office is about where we'll be having our holiday party (in january) and what date and time. when we got our end of the month paychecks, there was a small christmas bonus addition. greg, the gutter guy, called me up with details about the gutter work. it appears my place isn't too tall for him to clean, but he didn't bring a tall enough ladder so he'll have to come back tomorrow. in the meantime, he cleaned out the gutters along the front porch, and even got a chance to talk with my upstairs neighbor. greg talks fast, it was hard for me to understand what he was saying, i just said "yes" to everything he said.

i went to the porter square cvs when i got back to cambridge, my atenelol prescription still isn't filled yet even though i phoned my doctor sunday night. the pharmacist said they'll call him tomorrow morning for verification then they'll give me the prescription. i'm not sure what the big deal is, not like the drug i'm getting is some sort of narcotic, i don't know why they don't just sell it over-the-counter. i went to the star market to get some basil and a carton of strawberries. as soon as i got home, i cleaned the house a bit, vacuuming the floors and washing the bathroom. julie arrived just as soon as i was starting to make my thai red curry for the millionth time. we ate while watching the marathon of i love the 70's on VH1, she didn't leave until close to 1am.