i've been at the diorama for almost 2 weeks now and it's finally done. i took a slew of photos yesterday, and more so today, enough for a slideshow to determine via committee which shots would work best for our new year card. at the end of the day, carly and i worked to print out a set on actual shrinky dink paper and then popped them into the oven to make our miniatures. they look pretty good, we'll probably crank out 300 or so tomorrow, 75 sheets, it'll take about 2 hours and god knows how many ink cartridges.

i came into boston all weaponized. what was the deadly device that i was carrying in my back pocket? a most innocuous looking thing, a simple coil of metal in the form of rare earth magnets. as well as checking the subway for androids, any credit card that comes in close proximity to my ass will instantly be erased. it made me nervous to be transporting powerful magnets across town lines. the reason i needed them wasn't for my own personal protection, but rather i needed them to support the wire stands i was thinking about making for the diorama. i quickly took the magnets out of my pocket when i got to work. all day long, i played office magneto, pretending to be pointing to something on somebody's computer monitor while hiding the magnets in my hand, degaussing the screen in the process. magnetic magic, fun fun fun!

i had my cheesecake factory leftover chicken grilled sandwich for lunch. 2 minutes in a styrofoam container heating in the microwave left my meal rubbery and slightly unappetizing, but i ate it nevertheless. i went to katrinka's place to feed snickers and her fishes again. i then went to the borders bookstore looking to buy some magazines, but the line was 40 people deep, so i came back without buying anything.

after work i went home to porter square, where i dropped by the big fish little fish pet store. i heard they were closing their doors forever at the end of this year, and i was hoping to score some aquarium equipment. i actually thought they had gone out of business a long time ago, but apparently they're still opened, at least for a few more days. it's a shame though, the moment i start getting interested in aquariums, the fish store that's only a few blocks from where i live decide to close down.

back at home, julie came over and we had tacos, she made the meat sauce from scratch, while i made flan once again. her voice was hoarse, which she said started as early as last week. we exchanged presents, i got a fancy oil bottle with a spout (replacing my poland springs water bottle full of vegetable oil) as well as a bendable magnet in the shape of a grasshopper. i gave julie a copy of the hipster handbook. there was no good television on, some boring american idol holiday special instead of 24, and a repeat of queer eye.