in the aftermath of the weekend snowstorm i went to work navigating the narrow trenches through the snow banks. the sidewalk pathways were so narrow in fact that somebody had to step to the side while the other person passed. the train was crowded, i had forgotten that most people would be commuting into work instead of driving. i could pick out those who ride the train daily versus those who ride seldomly: car commuters have that scared look in their eyes, while seasoned veterans of the mbta have a glazed look. i made it to work but unfortunately not everyone did. carly wouldn't be coming in, and alex and kristine were both late. after our monday project status meeting, we went out for lunch because it was dana's birthday this past weekend, as is custom at squid. peking tom's was the venue, a posh chinese eastery located between downtown crossing and the financial district. or waitress, irish, took our food order as well as our drinks. everyone dabbled in the sauce except for me, i just had water. the food was okay, expensive for the size of the portions which were small, definitely adhering to the rule that if you make people pay more for a little bit to eat, it becomes gourmet and somehow delicious. for the same amount we paid we could've gone out to a real chinese banquet in chinatown.

tofu bento box

rib eye chow foon

lettuce wrap

after lunch we walked back to the office, throwing snowballs at each other from opposite sides of the street. turns the end of the work day i started to burn out, feeling tired after only 6 hours of sleep last night. after work, i went to pearl art supplies in central square to see if i can get some shrinky dink paper. i found some before they were about to close. it wasn't the name brand kind, and said nothing about laserprinting, but i figured i wouldn't know unless i tested it myself.

i caught the train to porter square, came home to find my roommate about to go out for dinner. while he went to zoe's with his girlfriend for chinese food, i had a pot of ramen, at the same time reducing the heat from 72 degrees back down to 60 degrees. they came back, mike asked if i wanted some of their leftovers, i said i was all set with my instant noodle. wendy left soon afterwards, mike staying here overnight for a change, he's got an 8 hour take-home final tomorrow. the rest of the evening i watched the premiere of the new battlestar galactica series, it's really good, if it repeats, you should catch it. i've never really watched the original series, so i'm not sure how much the new one is like the one (i heard there was a lot of changes), but the new version has a great story, some of the best i've seen in a long time. on the surface it's an alien invasion story, but the characters and the situations are all very intriguing.

after the show was over, i went across the street to get some eggs and came back and made some flan for tomorrow.