i went to work late this morning so i could make any last minute fixes for the client. turns out the client never even checked my upload from the previous night, so it was just a big waste of time on my part. see if i ever do anything nice for that client again. although i really didn't mind having 2 hours to kill in the morning before i went to work. it was so serene, sort of like bonus time when i wasn't in a rush to doing anything. i washed the dishes, cleaned the kitchen a bit, and made myself a smoothie while checking my e-mails and surfing the web on the ibook.

alex and i went running in 29 degrees temperature. i was feeling pretty self-conscious in my skin-tight synthetic fabric full body running ensemble (i looked like a cat burglar), particularly about my embarrassing bulge. i had three layers on, t-shirt, turtleneck, and jacket, as well as gloves and a hat. despite all the clothes, i still felt cold when i went outside, the sensory temperature lower than the posted reading. we ran to north station to the locksmith (wedged in between a hooters restaurant and a coyote ugly bar) to get medeco keys made for the office. from there we ran towards the science museum, traversed the sky bridge over storrow drive, then down the length of the charles, underneath the longfellow bridge, to the exercise relay station. along the shoreline of the river, boulders were glazed in a layer of ice. the running topic du jour were killer ants (inspired by an eponymous documentary i saw on the discovery channel last night) and where in boston could i go to eat game meat, in particular venison. coming back, i spotted a vole lurking in some dead grass. it looked like a gerbil, about the same size and shape as an egg, just with fur. it kept motionless while i approached it but then scampered away when i got too close. it's my first time seeing a vole, i only know about it from field guides. the charles river actually has a lot of wild life, like the time kristine and i saw the heron.

after changing out of my running clothes back at the office, i ate a styrofoam bowl of tom yum flavored ramen noodle. it was pretty flavorful and warmed me right up, but i still rather prefer authentic tom yum soup instead of something i just whip up with a couple of flavor packets and some boiling water.

i left work close to 7pm, with only adam left in the office. for some reason i'm always freezing when i leave the office even though i'm all bundled up, versus when i go running, which at worst i just feel cold but eventually warm up. i think it could be because when i head home, it's already dark, but it could also be a mind over matter thing, when i run i'm prepared for the cold, but when i go home, i expect it to be warm (but hasn't been the case the past few days, if not weeks). the train was pretty empty, i didn't have to cram for seating space.

i know my roommate had been at the house today because when i got back home all his mail were gone. i rushed to my bedroom to see if he left a rent check (that's usually where he leaves it), but it wasn't there. i had a laid back evening of just chilling out, with the heat turned up to 68 degrees, a plate of warm leftover chicken from monday and tuesday nights' dinner, waiting for the snow to come, which is supposed to blanket new england for much of this weekend. depending on how things go, i'd really like to get some sledding if possible, the poor man's winter sport.