i woke up this morning and saw that snow had fallen overnight, covering everything in a thin layer of the white stuff. it was just a dusting, but it was still a surprising sight. i was out of bed early to fill out my fidelity rolling IRA account form and to make some calls to local post offices asking for the whereabouts of my missing certified mail (it's waiting for me down at the porter square post office). temperature this morning was in the 20's, and i had to add another layer (a fleece vest) in order to brace myself for the cold. i went to mailbox etc. to make some copies before heading into boston to open up my account at fidelity then going to the office. i bumped into my old project manager debra may waiting for the elevator. "you'll be seeing more of me," i told her, "i got hired by [squid country safari]." "oh, congratulations!" she cooed, "we'd should do lunch sometimes then!" while she went up the elevator, i made a phone call to a possible gutter cleaning guy (actually wrote the number down from the side of a van), but no luck, the number was out of service.

the exciting thing at work today was getting to play with the shrinky dinks. it gives me all sorts of ideas to make cool fridge magnets. alex and i went running later in the afternoon. it was the first time this season i've worn my running pants. my unwashed running clothes had a funky smell, i'd have to bring them home tonight to launder them. the weather outside wasn't so much the temperature as it was the wind, and we were running against the wind along the river, which was nearly unbearable, and a few times i thought about turning back. we didn't even dare cross the mass ave bridge, that would've been suicide; instead, we kept on going down the straight-away, to the exercise station, then we came back. the run back wasn't bad since we had the wind behind us.

i had a late lunch, couldn't decide on anything so i called king fung and got a takeout of dan dan noodles. i will never learn my lesson apparently, since once again the food was no where as tasty as i thought it'd be.

after work i went to the porter square star market to get some potatoes, then went home to cook my chicken. i had forgotten to defrost it, but my father took the chicken out of the freezer for me when he came by earlier to drop off some food when i wasn't home. long story short, the chicken went well, along with the potatoes, i also made flan again, cooled it outside on the patio since it was colder than the fridge. julie brought over panther, which i've installed, and now i'm rocking with system 10.3.1 (yup, already updated).

and before i went to bed, i audio chatted with shannon using the latest version of ichat. i was so surprised it worked, i almost passed out from the technological euphoria! she wasn't even on high speed, just a dial-up!