on the busiest shopping day of the year, a day when i should be buying, i was actually out returning the unused ramekins i'd bought a few days earlier. first to macy's, followed by tj maxx. the large christmas tree hanging outside the filene's store front got lit up tonight, and i was in downtown crossing right during the aftermath, when they were cleaning up the festivity that was happening just an hour ago. after the returns, i took the subway to alewife, where my mother came to pick me up and i went to belmont to have some leftover turkey.

earlier in the day, when i first got to work this morning, i saw a large gathering of people on the street corner waiting for the chinatown bus. this was the earliest i've seen such a crowd. if i had to guess, i think it was a lot of ungrateful young people quickly going back to new york city after enduring thanksgiving with their parents.

it was sort of weird being in the office the day after thanksgiving: most people probably had the day off. it was relaxing though, there was no pressure to get anything substantial done, not to mention the fact that it was friday, so i would have to come back to work for another two days. carly was already in the office when i got there, and later alex kates arrived with his gifriend april, followed by adam.

alex and i went running at 1pm. i felt cold, only to warm up when we started running. i was afraid we'd get soaked because it was drizzling before we left, but as soon as we got out, it stopped raining. there was hardly any around the river, people walking their dogs far out-numbered people jogging. we admired the many plump squirrels dotting the landscape. most of the route we ran in silence, nothing much to say, and perhaps too out of breath to say anything anyway.

my final hour of work i almost fell asleep. i didn't sleep well last night, had that intermittent sleep, waking up every so often so i left like i never really achieved that sleep state. i can survive on lack of sleep though, years of practice. the real killer was the run, when i came back, i was tired, i was ready for a nap. plus the fact that i didn't have lunch today, figured i ate enough last night to keep my fed for at least a day. i stuck it out and left the office at 6pm, walking up to downtown crossing.