i had maple syrup oatmeal this morning, in what could be a new addition to my 30 minute morning routine before i leave for work. it only takes 2 minutes to heat up in the microwave, and i can slurp a whole bowl in a few minutes while checking my e-mails and watching the news.

work was uneventful, one of those mondays that feels like a wednesday because we have thursday (thanksgiving) off. michael jackson was the topic du jour, which was the case on friday as well (i got to tell the one michael jackson joke i know).

kristine and i went running after our weekly monday company meetdown. the temperature outside was brisk but i convinced myself otherwise. it was warm in the sun, but cold in the shadows, and even colder when the wind blows. kristine, having already ran twice this weekend (including 10 miles around the charles), was out running again and kept on complaining about her calves and her hips. for once i didn't feel warm, and by the end of our run i curled up my arms inside my t-shirt to keep them from freezing.

i went to cosi for lunch, got the ham and cheese sandwich with honey mustard, felt like a real bad-ass standing there in my shorts and t-shirt amongst the business monkeys in their suits. i ran as fast as i could back to the always warm office.

i came home and immediately started working on my last bit of freelance work, the project that wouldn't go away. i actually received the final content two weeks ago but i was leaving for costa rica so didn't have time to do it, and then when i came back i just put it off until tonight. i'm not sure why i didn't just finish it earlier, get paid, use the money for my vacation. oh well. it's pretty much done, like 98% done. i'll be so happy when it's all over.

two hours later, 9pm, i was done, uploading the latest revision to the client's server. i had soup from a can for dinner (with a smoothie) while watching some monday night football. later in the evening, after my parents got out of work, my father dropped by briefly to deliver some food and some cooking accoutrements. i let him have one of my remaining flans and had him take the last one home so my mother could taste it.