yesterday was one side of the street for cleaning, today, the other. there was construction on the other end of the street, essentially turning it into a dead end, which is good, the less traffic the better. walking to the t station, my legs felt sore from running yesterday, which was to be expected after my month long hiatus.

when i got to the office, the first thing i did today was to fashion a flat screen lcd monitor stand from a cardboard box. i fiddled around with the dual output video card, and did some tests using MIAW ("movies in a window") lingo code to drive different director movies on different monitors set to different resolutions. later in the day i played around with some fancy hardware, including an industrial mpeg video player device (it has no visible interface, other than a few lights, there's a 10gb drive inside to store videos, but thus far no one has been able to determine how that's done) and a motion video capture card.

katrinka's birthday was today, so in squid tradition, we went out for lunch. since adam wasn't here (one of our more picky eaters), we had more of a choice as to where we could go, so we ended up going to the newly located pho pasteur next to the hollywood pizza in the theatre district. not only was it a birthday lunch, but katrinka and alex wanted to thank everyone for a job well done on our most recent deliveries, and had secret presents for us, which we had to choose. i picked the can of planter peanuts, which contained $50 worth of shaw's supermarket gift certificates. others got similar gift certificates to other stores. i personally wished i got the borders bookstore certificate, so i could go buy that costa rican wildlife book i saw there, but i'll probably just order it online through amazon.com anyway, and i'll definitely make good use of the $50 grocery money.

after work i went home, taking a quick detour to the supermarket to get some groceries. julie called me, she was already at my place, so i sped up my purchase, using one of the gift certificates to pay for the food. i got back to my place, where julie was hiding in her car, and flashed me with her headlights. she brought along some of her favorite spirited drinks. tonight was just some tacos, followed by 24 (a bit of gilmore girls, but my interest is starting to wane), then a new episode of queer eye (finally!). julie is slowly starting to get addicted to 24, which is good, because that's all i watch on tuesday nights. it was nice to finally see some new queer eye, but once again, i personally think the show is starting to wear out its novelty, although carson's verbal tirades are still very entertaining. tonight's straight guy looked either like richard chamberlain or david bowie. long haired with a beard, he actually surprisingly looked older when they shaved him.

following the evening news, julie left to go home, while i cleaned up and threw out the trash for tomorrow.