my first day of work after my vacation. maybe it was the excitement of returning to the office, maybe it was the week's worth of waking up at 5-6am in the morning, but once again i had to force myself to sleep some more, my body waking up earlier than usual. within 30 minutes i went through my usual morning routine, and by 9:30am i was out the door. today just happened to be street cleaning, one half of my street completely empty of cars. i went to work with a smile on my face, my overall well-being recharged after a week's worth of tropical vacation. i had to resist the urge to turn to perfect strangers and let them know that, "hey, this time last week i was in the jungle."

when i got to the office, several people asked me about my vacation (both in person and over instant messaging), i repeated myself a few times. i told them about how it was just right, not so long that i was dying to leave, but short enough that i wanted to go back soon. i told them about the animals i saw, or listed all the dangers i encountered while in the rain forest. then i settled into my work mode and cruised along the rest of the day. everyone was there except for adam, missing in action for a few days for michelle's grandfather's funeral.

kristine and i went running around lunchtime. it's probably been a whole month since i last ran. despite the cold weather outside (temperature in the 40's), i wore my shorts along with a long-sleeved black turtleneck. it was drizzling freezing rain by the time we left the office, so we started running early, which warmed us up. my naked legs were fine, but my hands were freezing, i had to flex them to get the circulation back into my ice mittens. i told kristine some more stuff about costa rica while she informed me about last week's episode of 24. after our run, she went back to the office while i paid a visit to old macdonald had a farm, treated myself to a super sized big mac meal. the discomfort in my left leg started to come back, but it won't stop me from my run schedule, although i'll probably ask my doctor about it the next time i get my check-up, which will be soon, i haven't had a physical in a long time. i'm sure he'll appreciate my big mac diet.

after work (which went by pretty fast), i came home, caught my mother just as soon as she was parking the car on my street. she was bringing over some beef noodle soup for dinner, and got a chance to see my vacation photos.

if it wasn't so cold out tonight, i'd go catch the leonid meteor shower which should be happening right now. this year isn't expected to be very good, with the predicted peak time happening in europe, and with the bright moon outside, it'll drown out a lot of the more faint shooting stars.