i used to be fearless when it comes to taking photos of total strangers on my commute. nowadays, i'm a little more apprehensive when it comes to doing that. not sure what it is, maybe in this post 9/11 world people are a lot more suspicious and i just can't get away with it like i used, or maybe there's just a proliferation of digital cameras, and people are more aware of what's going on. maybe i just felt bad taking photos of unsuspecting people, an invasion of privacy. still, occasionally a photoworthy moment comes along that's too good to resist. like this morning, when this sad looking woman sat opposite me. she wasn't young, her hands and the skin of her neck gave her away, but her face was smooth, perhaps from a facelift. she had a large dufflebag on her lap and she looked like she was going to cry, thinking about something. i was just so intrigued. where could she be going? why is she sad? she got off at park street, just one of the hundreds of faces i see on my commute.

katrinka told us today that this was going to be a busy week, with the possibility of late hours. with just my third official week of full-time employment, i find myself in the eye of the work hurricane again, a place unfortunately that i'm too familiar with. during our weekly project meeting, there was no mention that i'd be gone next week, although i'm assuming they know about it. this has got to be one of the quickest work-to-vacation turnover ever, i don't think anyone else at the office knows about it other than the bosses. i didn't set one foot outside today, i brought lunch (chow fan), and now that i think about it, i don't even think i went to the bathroom more than once. the day went by quick though (that happens a lot at squid, i take that as good sign), and i even got to do some design work (picking thumbnails for some movie buttons and adding them to photoshop documents, like riding a bike!) since we were shorthanded on graphic designers.

i found out today that the usb fan i brought to work actually has a pretty strong magnet inside so that's why my monitor was all discolored. i moved the fan far away and a few hours later the monitor returned back to normal. but you think an usb fan would be better shielded! i wonder if it did anything to the pc computer it was standing next to?

i came home after work and waiting for me on my front step was a large box from amazon.com - my books! i wish i could get a surprise package a day, it would make life just a little bit more fun and exciting. salt and berlin will be my vacation reading.

i quickly went across the street to buy some groceries (a case of soda and 4 ears of corn) then made ramen for dinner, along with last night's leftover spicy tendon with bean sprouts.

and how about those patriots? what a crazy seesaw game with the broncos. i've never seen a play like that, where the patriots actually scored 2 points for the broncos for a safety that allowed the patriots to get better field advantage in the final 2 minutes of the game. coach belichick is a strategy master, if he was a military general we wouldn't be in this iraqi mess we're in now. i like how the normally stoic coach is showing more emotion too, hugging his staff members and the players after each weekly miracle win. i mean, i'll be honest, when they got rid of lawyer milloy and lost to buffalo in the season opener, i figured that was the end of the season, but who would've thunk?