i went to king fung again today for lunch, got the wonton noodle soup ($4.25). waiting i was for my food to be prepared, i went next door to get a copy made of my house key. a man with a fistful of coins asked me if he could make a phone call on my cellphone ("i'd pay you," he said) when i was standing outside talking to alex on the cellphone, who was at the world trade center attending a job fair for american educated japanese college graduates - i told the man "no" and he walked away with a disgusted look on his face like he couldn't believe i could be that rude to him (like he couldn't just make his call from a pay phone, it was pretty shady if you ask me). prior to king fung i was chatting with shannon at the travel pack chinatown bus waiting area, she was on her way for a weekend in new york city. mental note: fridays are good photo taking days in chinatown because the place is crowded with interesting looking young people making their way to the big apple.

after work i went home, my mother meeting me up enroute so i could have dinner with my parents in belmont. if i don't have any plans on the weekend, i can always default to dinner at my parents. gives me a chance to eat well, replenish my energy, so for the rest of the week i can eat poorly.

smoked salmon

lamb, pound cake

pepper onion salad

after dinner i got a ride home. coming back to my dark house, i got the crap scared out of me when i saw a dark shadow lurking in the backyard. when i turned on the porch light to see what it was, it was the lawn gnome, standing right outside my backdoor! i blinked my eyes a few seconds in absolute stark raving horror. i slowly approached this manifestation of evil sitting on the deck, and realized that renata had come by sometime during the day to return the camping book i'd lent her during the summer. thanks to her i probably won't be able to sleep tonight, nor any other nights for the next few weeks.

rest of the evening i cranked the heat in the house to 70 degrees, took a shower, then called a few magazine customer service numbers to transfer my subscriptions to my new address (it's been a year, i think it's about time my magazines arrive at my house than at my parents).