turnpike view

hong kong cafe

general gau's chicken

despite the windy rainy weather, i went out and pushed my food roaming range to the outskirts of the south end, where in the ever expanding sprawl that is chinatown, a single chinese takeout restaurant stands alone in a landscape of drab seemingly empty brick-faced office buildings. a long time ago i remember rob cuoco mentioning some good eating place in that area, and i thought maybe the hong kong cafe was that place. inside, an old man was eating a bowl of wonton soup, and the man taking my order was also the chef, a one man operation. i got the general gau's chicken and walked back to the office. the food was surprisingly good despite the lack of imagination in the ensemble (a large scoop of standard issue chinese white rice next to the chicken), but not sure if i would walk that far again chinese takeout food, even if it is good.

interstate 93 view

state street building

financial district



julie visiting
apple store

i went to julie's place after work, where we drove to the galleria mall to check out some laptops at the apple store. we went to the petco across the street first, where i checked out some possible fish selections for my 2 gallon fish tank. at the mall, we bought some cookbooks at borders, i got cooking ingredients, julie got the same as well as a mexican cookbook. i also got some black socks from old navy (3 pairs for $3) before meeting julie at the apple store. we spent a long time in there, going from one table to another, discussing the pros and cons of various setups, admiring some of the hardware like the massive flat screen monitors. we left with julie deciding that she might get the new 15" powerbook.

julie marinating

cooking with
foreman grill

mahi mahi
with risotto
(uncle ben)

back at julie's, her boyfriend was supposed to come over tonight but didn't want to leave rhode island, so the mahi mahi steaks she was making for him on the foreman grill ended up going to me. in a sudden reversal of fortune though, sajid decided to come after all, and although i volunteered to forgo the late night dinner (i'm didn't want to eat somebody else's special meal), julie said there was enough for everyone so i stayed. we also made some uncle ben's rice which we bought at the star market across from where i live before arriving at julie's page. after dinner, i walked myself home, figuring it'd be just as fast as waiting for the subway.