new england weather tricked me once again.

i left the house this morning thinking it'd be just as cold as yesterday, but when i stepped out the door, it was warm and humid, probably in the 60's. i had squandered enough of my morning that it was too late to go back to the house and change into something more appropriate. i walked to the subway station, slightly overheating, hoping that the weather would turn cold by evening so i would be vindicated for overdressing. the commute was nothing to write home again, a few pretty faces in the usual places, a chance for me to space out for the next 10 minutes.

lunch came in the form of leftover duck from friday, sitting in the office fridge all this time. i ate standing up by the kitchen counter, too hungry to sit down, but also the act of eating duck is a messy affair, and i wanted to quickly consume the leftovers and toss the rest out. my domestic side snapped today, and once again i ended up doing all the dishes piled up in the kitchen sink. "you couldn't take it anymore, huh?" kristine said to me when i got back to my desk, wiping wet hands on the seat of my pants. as an added treat, kristine shared some of her tortilini with me. it was so unexpected that when she asked me, my mind sort of froze for a few seconds before i said yes. she went out for a walk with dana when her food had finished cooking, i helped myself to some of the pasta, heating a plate of tomato sauce in the microwave, splattering the inside in just under 30 seconds. i quietly wiped down the inside of the oven, hopefully no one noticed my little faux pas.

i had a productive day, working on three different projects, first debugging kiosk 3, followed by some tweaks in kiosk 1, then finishing off the day with some debugging for the webcam kiosk.

since i didn't go out for lunch, i used my lunch break to visit liberty travel on the outskirts of downtown crossing. i'd used them one other time before, 6 years ago i think, when i went down to cancun for a week. i went in with my patented confused look, waving to the travel agents working there with both hands, sort of a "i come in peace" gesture. jennifer, one of the agents, asked if she could help me. "hi, yeah, i've got a week's worth of vacation coming up, november 10th, and i'd like to go somewhere...warm...and natury. i was thinking costa rica." she typed in a bunch of numbers and letters on her computer screen, and brought up a few packages around the caño negro area. "how about belize?" i asked her. once again with the typing, then another package option, in placencia. "i heard belize is very buggy," she said with a grimace, this information coming from a belize friend of hers. i leaned close to her, almost as if to whisper, and said, "actually jennifer, i kind of like bugs." i could reserve one fare for 24 hours, so i picked the belize one because it sounded more interesting.

i made a trip to cvs to buy some candy before returning to the office. when i got back, i unloaded a whole bag of smarties into a tupperware container for everyone to share. dana and adam wasted no time in getting to the candy, kristine wouldn't have any because she just brushed her teeth, and both alex and katrinka were reluctant as well. that just left more candy for me, the final hour of work was a feverish smarties binge. i finally left work, my consciousness enhanced by my recent overdose of sugar. i was sad to see that the weather was still relatively warm, and i shuffled back home still overdressed for the occasion.

the first thing i did when i got home was to vacuum the bathroom floor. it'd been a while since i vacuumed in there, and there was starting to be an accumulation of hair on the floor, which i found to be gross, and since it's my own bathroom, nobody's going to clean it but me. i also really need to get some sort of mildew remover, i've noticed some dark spots between the tiles on the shower wall. i've been meaning to clean every weekend, but i keep on putting it off. maybe a trip to target to buy some new cleaning products might put me back into the cleaning mood. regardless, vacuuming the bathroom was the least i could do.

i logged online and julie was quick to write to me to let me know her yearning for tempura. she came by to pick me up and we went to the porter exchange, where we both got the spicy chicken tempura takeout. 15 minutes before our food was ready, we browsed at city sports then went around the block to pier 1 imports. both julie and i got candles, i went with half a dozen tuscan herb votives, a musky scent, reminds me of a strawberry shortcake character that i can't quite remember (honeysuckle scented? but not really). we came back to the porter exchange to pick up our food, then drove back to my place, where we ate and watched the suck ass series. i lit one of the tuscan herb votives, smells pretty good (that's what the cashier girl told me when i paid for them).

after julie left, i did some online research about that place in belize, and it looks to be too hotel resort and beach oriented, and that's not exactly what i want, so i'm going to cancel the reservation tomorrow, and go with someplace in costa rica instead, my original destination.