it's a cold 42 degrees outside but it's a warm 70 degrees inside my house. it's also very quiet. so quiet i can hear the bathroom sink dripping water. the only other sound is the occasional rumble of the forced hot air coming up from the floor grates, the sound of my feet brushing across the carpet, the sound of typing, the sound of breathing. sitting here in my living room, the stillness is comforting if a bit lonely.

earlier, when i came back from work, i went out running because i wasn't able to do it during my lunch hour today. i can't remember ever running at night, it's just not something i do. besides the safety issue, it's also colder, which is ironic coming from a guy who runs in 20 degrees temperature. now that i've done it though, i can honestly say i've run through every kind of condition, cold and hot, day and night. night running is completely different from day running in that there isn't too much to see so there's less distraction. you run your usual familiar route because it'd be too easy to get lost or make a mistake otherwise. it was cold at first, but like every run, after 10 minutes i was warm enough to consider stripping off all my clothes and streak the rest of the way a la will ferrell style. there was but a handful of other runners and bikers, all traveling solo. though normally my leg doesn't hurt, it was different this time as my left leg started to ache and i started to get worried. the ankle feels like a very mild sprain, i might also have shin splints, and my knee is starting to feel funny. i don't think i should be running, i really should give myself more time to heal from whatever injury i'm currently suffering. maybe i'm just addicted to the running though and i can't stop. ever since i found out i had high blood pressure and my doctor told me i should seriously consider exercising three times a week, i feel like everytime i go out for a run, i'm extending my life expectancy by a few more days. i walked back from the charles river and it got a little cold because i was slightly sweat soaked. it felt good though, especially when i passed people bundled up in their warm winter coats, and here i am walking around in shorts.

alex dropped by afterwards, just woke up from a late nap, came by with 10 cd's worth of digital photos from his recent japanese trip. i took a look at a few, for some reason my ibook was slow to display them, maybe they're too high a resolution. he stayed to watch a little television (the cable at his place is out, he hasn't had time to investigate the matter) before leaving.

yesterday was adam's birthday so today after our weekly project meeting, the company treated everyone to lunch at the good life. our waitress reminded me of a rounder verison of eva mendes. i had the buffalo chicken sandwich, which adam highly recommended, himself a buffalo chicken sandwich connoisseur. i personally thought it was okay, a little on the sweet side than spicy and i didn't think there was enough blue cheese.

adam, katrinka, carly

dana, kristine, alex kates

alex, james

final note: antoine walker traded? no! i know he's inconsistent, but you don't just trade the team captain! but thanks to the celtics, and the patriots (with their miracle win against miami yesterday), i'm slowly getting over the red sox. sports, what a panacea!