the train was crowded today. since i'm pretty upstream on the red line, i can usually find a seat, and the fact that i go into work after the morning rush hour means there are even more open seats when i commute into boston. but today was different. not only did the train take a long time to arrive, but when it did, it was a short train, which meant super crowding at the ends. there was just standing room only seating for me, i put on my most vegged out face and counted the 7 stops before i got off in south station. i sometimes wonder if i'm that shifty eyed guy on the subway who looks at everyone. i've seen old stock footage of mao tsetung, and he had shifty eyes. he'd sit or stand somewhere and not move, but his eyes would dart from one side of the room to the other, constantly watching, calculating. someone like that can't be trusted. i wonder if that's me as well?

fortunately for me there was nobody at work who's a real hardcore red sox fan, so i didn't have to relive any gory details. the only time the game was brought up was when katrinka asked if i saw the game last night. "huh?" i replied, "did something happen last night?" was my way of skirting the issue. i woke up this morning and i couldn't stop thinking about it though. i thought i'd be cool with it, i could deal with the loss in my usual detached manner that i handle all sorts of difficulties in life, but i was having problems coping. those guys were like heroes, and it's hard getting your champions beaten by the yankees that many would agree was the lesser team. hopefully management brings back a lot of these guys next season so they can try again, because the team we had was pretty good, our only weakness being the pitching.


the light switch in the squid bathroom is one of those energy conservation timer dials. the first time i've ever seen one of those was when i still condo hunting, i saw a place that had a basement laundry room that used a timer dial. sometimes i go to the bathroom and i forget about the dial switch and the time runs out and i'm left in the dark either perched on the toilet or standing in the urinal stall. this bathroom has a built-in sense of humor.

i went running during lunch today. kristine was at a wedding and alex was still sidelined with foot pains, so i went by myself, katrinka remarking "you're so hardcore!" before i left. it was a surgical run, out and back in as little time as possible, i try to go as fast as possible when i go by myself. sure, i still had ankle pains in my left foot, but when i'm out on the charles, the pain goes away, only to come back when i stop running. i went to a butcher shop in chinatown before returning to the office, bought a half pound box of roasted duck for lunch ($7.50). i ate half of that, saving the rest for monday.

the current project i'm working on involves getting a webcam to capture museum visitors. i spent the whole day just taking these little 10 seconds snippets of video of myself then replaying them, it was a real narcissistic kind of day. i also talked with carly about life in rhode island since she lives in providence, of particular interest was former mayor buddy cianci, the beloved yet crooked politician.

i left work at 6pm, came home by 7pm, my parents and sister came over to my place for dinner (some chinese takeout from zoe's, which i heard was beyond capacity tonight, a very busy evening), then afterwards we all got caught up in watching this jackie kennedy onassis pbs documentary. her story and that of the kennedys is just so mythical. they left before 10pm, leaving me with some leftovers and a new deep dish cooking pan my mother and sister bought for me on one of their shopping outtings.