today is my last day as a free man before i start my full-time job as an employee of squid. i've grown used to this unemployed lifestyle and will miss it, even though for the past few weeks i've sort of already started working, going into the office everyday, even buying a monthly mbta pass. it still feels weird when i say things like, "i'm going to the office," or, "let's meet after work." i will miss my free time but a steady paycheck will be comforting during those long cold winter months. it's only because i got a job that i was able to buy a new replacement digital camera, and only because i got a job am i able to go on a vacation next month. i look forward to rejoining the working world, i couldn't stay unemployed forever.

for lunch i went to the chinatown cafe again on harrison ave, got the shredded pork chow mein with the crispy egg noodles. the place seems to get a lot of business, with the tufts medical school nearby and all the construction guys working on new buildings, with 4 cooks manning the stoves and a 5th chef who seems to be in charge of cutting and preparing the meats. i got there when it wasn't busy though, ordered my food, and left. i went by the boston costume shop, where there were a bunch of people dressed up, hanging out on the street corner in front of the store. it was too good a photo opportunity, and i asked some of them if i could take their photo. "so, where are you guys going?" i asked them while showing them the photo on my camera. "oh, we're not going anywhere. we work here," the pimp told me. later i thought about what he said - did he mean the costume shop or did he mean the street corner? you decide!

at 4pm dana turned on the radio again, and we listened to game 6 of the yankees red sox series. i caught about 4 innings worth, felt pretty confident that the red sox would win tonight with the score 4-1.

after work (a day of interfacing a webcam to capture videos via director) i cut my way through chinatown, bought some chinese water pears, then grabbed the orange line south to eliza's place, where she was making dinner before we went out to see lost in translation. on the subway i asked a man wearing a red sox t-shirt listening to the radio what the score was. "5-4, yankees," he said. "what? 5-4?" i muttered. "yeah, 5-4, yankees, the red sox were just 4-1," he told me, in just about as much disbelief as i was. the rest of the train ride i felt like somebody close to me died.

when i got to eliza's place, the first thing i did was to ask her if her radio gets AM reception, and i immediately switched it to the game. after listening to it for a little bit, i turned it off, realizing the red sox were probably going to lose now. if they did lose, i didn't want to know it. if they ended up rallying and winning the game, then i'd watch game 7 tomorrow night. eliza was busy making fusilli pasta with a side of string beans. i spent the time playing with her chubby cat (who gave me some scratches and bites as souvenirs) while waiting for dinner. my second consecutive night where a lady has cooked for me! i am such a food leech!

after dinner, we talked with eliza's roommate david, who was all excited in his room, following the red sox game online, announcing that they were up 7-6 in the 7th inning. i couldn't believe it! my secret wish was answered! there was still two innings left though, and a lot of could happen in two innings, especially against the yankees. but i went to the movies with a good feeling knowing that the red sox had the lead and we might possibly have a game 7 tomorrow night. eliza suggested we go to a bar instead to watch the game, but i wanted none of that action. she asked david to join us for the movie since he expressed some interest in seeing lost in translation as well.

eliza sped up the jamaica way to fenway, where we were seeing the movie. it felt late, but the movie was actually early, 7:50 (we were just had an accelerated evening). i bumped into dan's theatre friend melissa, who give me a quick review of the movie, which she saw twice already.

lost in translation is a weird movie, less of a story, more of a mood captured on celluloid. the sense of being lost, of loneliness, it permeates this film. it's a beautifully shot movie, the fact that it takes place in tokyo makes it that much easier, a city saturated with eye candy. bill murray and scarlett johansson play bob harris and charlotte, respectively, he a hollywood movie star here in japan shooting a commercial for japanese whiskey, she the young neglected wife of a photographer. a chance encounter brings them together and they become friends, and possibly more. i think if you buy into the story 100%, this movie can truly be moving. it's slow and meandering, and you don't know exactly where it's going, but you just know that it can't last forever because bob has to go back to the states. but i think that's exactly the feeling the movie is trying to convey, that this slow meandering is exactly how the characters are living their lives, and as with anything in life, you often don't know where you're going to end up. in the end, i don't know how i feel about this movie. i read a review that said it gets better when you watch it a second time, which i sort of think is true. i can only see it in terms of food analogy, like a specially prepared morsel with just a hint of flavor, but that flavor is so interesting, you just might want to go back and have another bite. that is lost in translation.

the first thing i did when i got out of the theatre was to check my cellphone. i was counting on julie to call me after the game, hopefully with good news (i assumed that she wouldn't call if the red sox had lost, probably too busy crying, which is what i would've done). when i saw that i had a message, i knew it was from her and called to asked her what happened, hoping that the red sox won. hearing her laugh when she picked up, i knew it would be good news. the red sox ended up clinching the victory, tacking on two more runs for a final score of 9-6. eliza gave me a ride home, and as soon as i got back, i turned on the sports news to watch the highlights and to call julie back for the play-by-play.

game 7 baby! pedro versus roger, part 2. the world series is so close, i don't even dare dream of that possibility until it actually happens. the cubs lost tonight so it looks like it's going to be the marlins. either way, neither national league team can beat the two remaining american league, be it yankees (boo) or the red sox (cheer). tomorrow night though, do not disturb! fingers crossed and everything!

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