i have a rule when i watch sports. i always root for the team that beats my team, because when that winning team end up taking the championship, i know there's no shame in being beaten by the eventual champions. however, i will make an exception for those god damn yankees. in the event that the red sox don't advance to the world series this year, i am going to be the biggest cubs fan in the world. i hate the yankees. HATE. it's good to hate things in life i think, everyone should hate, it makes you appreciate the things you love that much more, and hating is just a natural part of the emotional spectrum that we as human beings can experience. so there's nothing wrong with being a hater. i'm a hater. and the thing i hate are those damn yankees.

i slept until noon today, made a smoothie, cooked up some more spicy italian sausages, then gave myself some time to digest before going out for a run (since i didn't run yesterday). i had my new sneakers on, they're heavier than my usual running shoes, but there's more cushioning, and i felt like i could run farther and faster with less effort. it was warm enough to go topless running, which was exactly what i did. walking back down my street, i saw mike leaving the house. he said something about doing the laundry, and when i went inside, his girlfriend wendy was in the kitchen with a pile of their clothes, taking advantage of the in-unit washer/dryer. i took a shower and then went out into the backyard, and saw all these little puffballs on the ground. at first i thought they were molds, but they're definitely from a tree, just don't know which one. before i left, wendy asked if she needed to turn on the water for the washer. "what?" i asked, slightly confused. "look, the clothes are still dry," she said, "i turned on this dial, and there was no water." i looked at the problem, and realized that she had just ran the dryer instead of the washer. "oh, you're supposed to use this dial," i told her, and with that piece of advice, i left for belmont.

in the car i called my parents, and went to the cafe first, where i took some photos of my grand uncle's apartment to update the craig's list ad i put up over a week ago and i also got some pearl ice tea before heading to belmont, where i was having dinner with my family.

before that could happen though, there was the little matter of a very important red sox game, pedro versus roger. the red sox ended up losing even though pedro was pitching (we always expect to win when he pitches but more often than not the result is the exact opposite, though pedro is often times not the only one to blame), but the yankees and the red sox almost had a bench emptying brawl. julie called me a few times from what sounded like a noisy providence bar to expressed first her happiness when the red sox got off to an early lead then her displeasure and disbelief when we started losing. just a few more comments:

  • bennifer back together again? i never realized how mismatched they were until tonight. ben is a red sox fan, jennifer, growing up in the bronx ("jenny from the block"), is no doubt a yankees fan. it's like montagues and capulets, it must be love if she's willing to come to the game with him in fenway park, or maybe she just doesn't care about baseball. or maybe she cheers for the yankees when they do well, and if that's the case, ben affleck should dump her ass. there's plenty of other nice girls out there who are red sox fans, he should pick from those. still, i can't help but to be jealous of him. jennifer lopez as your girlfriend? i mean, what is that like?! to have a girlfriend that is loved throughout the world, and not just simple love, but like "i would kill for jennifer" kind of love. most guys might think their girlfriend is hot, but ben affleck is getting the real deal, validated by the mass media through magazine covers and photo spreads and movies and internet downloaded jpegs and people magazine polls.
  • about the bloodless melee: don zimmer is such a liar. he is not hurt, and i don't care how old he is! it was a total calculated move, his haphazard attack on pedro. either way, pedro wasn't going to win. fight back, and it'd look like pedro is beating up an old man. don't fight back, and it'd look like he's a coward, getting a beat down by an old guy with two artificial knees. either way, the yankees win because they'd use it as a rallying point. either way, my hatred for the yankees deepens. was pedro trying to hit that dude? for me, it just looked like a mistake, a bad throw. all the national commentators were saying pedro did it on purpose, a guy with so much control wouldn't just go wild like that. well, if he's really that good, how the hell did the yankees beat the red sox then? was roger throwing at manny's head? i don't think so, but why even risk it, why even try to get close?

game 4 is tomorrow. it's a must win for the sox, unless they want to get to the world series the hard way, by being down a 3-1 hole and fighting back to win the next three, two of which are in enemy territory. i wish i could go into a time machine and just fine out what's going to happen. if this was a book, i'd be reading the last page by now, all this suspense is killing me.

dinner came in the form of a salad along with some ribs. i had a lot of ribs, very little salad. after dinner my parents showed me the exercise equipment they've recently purchased, as part of their latest physical fitness fad. i went online to research some digital camera battery prices, figuring out how much juice i need when and if i go on my vacation. i drove back home to an empty house, a package waiting for me inside. autumn christmas continues!