10 hours is the amount of sleep i think you should get in order to fully recharge your batteries. 10 hours was exactly what i got when i woke up at 11am this morning. i turned up the heat to 70 degrees just to warm up the house before turning it back down again. i heated up a corn dog in the toaster oven for lunch. mike came back home briefly with his girlfriend and another friend of theirs, also a law student, who was able to fix mike's laptop which wasn't connecting to my network. wendy told me something i never knew, which was law students and lawyers are usually disqualified from jury duty because they don't make good objective jurors.

in the early evening i went to star market to buy some ice cream and hot fudge and drove to andrew's place in malden, where he was hosting his monthly family dinner. the usual cast of characters were there, andrew was making shepherd's pie, but instead of baking it, it was more of a self-assembled pie. david made a fuss about the fact that i didn't go see margaret cho with him last night (i think she's too much of an ethnic comedian), and kept on talking about it through the whole evening. incredible fact about andrew's apartment: he has no salt or pepper. dinner was good despite the rather haphazard way everything was pieced together. my favorite food was the string bean salad meghan brought along, the pine nuts were really tasty. we had apple crisps for dessert, as well as the ice cream and hot fudge i brought with me.

after dinner, i left to go over to julie's place to watch the red sox game. her place was cold, but i warmed up eventually, fueled from that dinner, even taking off my socks. i had previously boasted to her how i was a more vocal fan than she was, but i ended up watching the game in a very tame manner, not too much screaming and shouting. i think after the two previous red sox lost, i've become somewhat detached from the whole experience, don't want to be hurt a third time. she was watching the game with the television sound turned off and her radio turned on. that would've been fine, except there's a 1 second delay between the radio and the television broadcast (digital cable creates a lag apparently). it was sort of disconcerting, hearing a play on the radio a second before actually seeing it on television. as annoying as those national baseball television commentators can be, there's a lot to be said about synchronized audio and video. johanna and her friend nathan joined us to watch the game when they got home, and kim came downstairs as well. julie called mark hickey when i told her he was at the game. mark got julie to explain a critical call during the game, since he was actually there, he was ironically clueless as to what was going on. during one of the commercial breaks, i went into the kitchen to get a piece of julie's homemade apple pie. when the game entered extra innings, i wasn't feeling so well about the outcome of the situation. when trot nixon knocked out that homerun, we were finally about to breathe a collective sigh of relief. despite the victory, despite staying alive to play another day, i'm still somewhat disappointed with the red sox. where's that awesome offense? the athletics might have better pitching, but wouldn't the offense be able to compensate? the game was also heavily asterisked, if it wasn't for a few umpire calls (on top of the errors that oakland was making), the athletics would've probably won.

i came home, watched the broadcast premiere of beyond re-animator on the scifi channel, then went to bed, too late for coding, which means i'm going to have a painful sunday of programming. as long as the weather's bad it'll be okay.

somebody else nearby has a wireless hub! an unprotected linksys, but with a weak enough signal that it flutters in and out of range on my wireless network locator application, about 5x the distance from my machine to my wireless hub. i wonder which neighbor could it be? if i can see them, then they can see me as well. the first thing i did when i noticed this new addition on the wireless network was to try and gain access to their network, which didn't work because they haven't made their LAN active yet. more and more people are going wireless! are you wireless yet?