i didn't fall asleep until 8am and woke up an hour later to converse with the client via instant messaging. i told her the problem, how everything was fixed except for one particular functionality, and i was granted a temporary reprieve until monday morning, which is good because i have more time to finish the code but bad because my weekend will be ruined as i spend it working.

with just one hour of sleep, i left to go to work at squid. despite the lack of proper slumber, i didn't feel particularly tired. i think the secret was my 3 hour nap late last night, plus i knew i'd be able to get a good night's sleep tonight. sweet near all-nighter. brings back memories. i thought about michael, coming into the office super early to work. i remembered roy coding on his computer, cigarette smoking in his mouth, eyes half closed. good times all! programming at times is as much about physical endurance as it is about brain power.

in the afternoon, the office running crew ran to north station so alex could get some more office keys made at this place wedged in between hooters and coyote ugly. after a long wait (kristine and i played with all the floor model locks and door knobs), the counter guy told alex he couldn't copy the keys because they were issued with a security check and the signature on the card wasn't alex's. mission unaccomplished, we ran along the freedom trail to charlestown, to the bunker hill monument. i never knew that part of charlestown was so nice, reminded me of beacon hill, sunnier and with wider streets. it was my first time visiting the bunker hill monument. there was a surprising amount of people for a weekday, mostly senior citizen tourists. a group of them murmured to one another, "look look look," as we approached the base of the monument, about to run upstairs, as if our ascent was part of the entertainment. there's nearly 300 steps to the top, but i slowed to a walk around 100. the higher up i got, the harder it was to take that next step. finally we made it to the top, with a nice view of northern boston and beyond.

coming back, we walked right below I-93 north of boston, in the shadow of the zakim bridge, where there's a park we never knew existed, along the final quarter of the charles river before it empties into boston harbor. there's a walkway that goes through a series of locks, and these colored steel tubed chimes that you can ring. we ran from north station to charles/mgh red line stop, back down through government center and downtown crossing before finally making it back to the office.

i reheated my chow mein for lunch, but because it was a few days old and because i had to microwave it, the noodle was no longer crisp, no longer delicious. i ate enough to feed my hunger then threw away the rest.

after i came home from work, i drove to my parents' place in belmont for dinner. i returned to cambridge, where i went down to the basement and lit the pilot light in the furnace so i could turn on the heat. yes, finally, it's time, it's just way too cold in the house. i fell asleep watching television on the couch. i only woke up when mike came back home, going to my bedroom to finally get some rest.