hopefully today will be the last day i use tokens to ride the t, since tomorrow is october and i can start using my mbta pass. i had heard a rumor that a few days before the monthly pass goes into effect, you can actually start using it because the mbta activate the pass for testing purposes. i didn't want to test that theory however, i figured i'd be honest for a change.

i went running again this afternoon despite leg pains. it's severe enough that i've been walking with a slight limp, but the weather was nice (although a bit chilly) and it gave me an excuse to be out of the office. i went with just kristine, alex was still sick at home. there was a slight crisis when kristine realized she left her running shoes at home. fortunately alex left his sneakers at work, and kristine was able to fit into them, despite the obvious ick factor. we ran across the mass ave bridge and over the longfellow, the same route i took yesterday. as soon as i started running, the pain went away. it only came back when i walked.

i like to talk about the bathroom at work for a second. there's an air freshener on top of the urinal that's just mesmerizing. the cutouts on the package remind me of puffs of smoke (or "fragrance") coming from a circular scent at the bottom. there are 5 large puffs, 6 mediums, and 7 smalls. when i'm using the urinal, i stare into the air freshener and space out. i look at it a few times a day and it gets more interesting everytime. i think i'm going crazy.

i brought my headphones into work today so i could listen to music and came across this great internet 80's radio station, radioio80s, playing mostly new wave. i have it on my itunes but i've never tried it because it has a low bitrate (which i figured would mean bad sound, but it actually sounds pretty good) and there's no song info. i usually listen to club 977 for my 80's music fix, the favorite internet station of mandy and me. anyway, with a music soundtrack, 8 hours of work went by pretty fast.

julie came over tonight for our usual tuesday night dinner. neither one of us wanted to cook so we got pizza from top speed instead, buffalo chicken deluxe. julie was adamant that they add tomato sauce. she was sick from visiting her nephew last week, and brought with her a box of tissue to blow her nose. we ate while watching the curse of the bambino documentary on tape. next came the restaurant on bravo. she left early, during the repeat of queer eye.