i heard my upstairs neighbor steve shouting this morning. "hey, do you mind turning down that flood light?" he said, apparently addressing our backyard neighbor doing some work on their house. "it's really bright, and it shines right into our bedrooms late at night. thank you, yes, that's it, thank you very much." now i can finally see the stars again from our backyard, instead of getting an eyeful of flood light glare.

i cooked up some au chole at work today for lunch. something you do usually see at an office: a working electric stove. heck, if i wanted, i could probably bake some muffins at work, still get a chance to cook even though i'm not at home. i discovered today that carley is a vegetarian. after lunch, i still went out anyway for a candy run. i bought $10 worth of snacks and brought them back to the office, including chicken cookies, which lists "chicken powder" as one of its ingredients (tasted like salty cereal).

today squid benefited from my anal-retentiveness. ever since i got my own place, i can't stand it when something is messy. this has expanded beyond my own life, like when i go over to other people's places, i will secretly do some cleaning when they're not looking if i think it's dirty. so while i was cooking my au chole, i cleaned up the countertop, which was sticky. i asked katrinka if they use a cleaning service, and she laughed, as if saying, "you're looking it!" later during the day, i wiped down the sink (there was what appeared to be mildew of some kind behind the faucets) and washed all the dishes.

today was the start of autumn but i hardly noticed, except it seems to be getting darker earlier and earlier these days. the weather was overcasted and rainy all day, but by the time i left for home, the clouds were rolling away, revealing a very dramatic sunset. i called alex when i got to porter square, since he said he wanted to come over to give me some stuff and to test a media card reader. i was surprised when i heard he hadn't left his place in malden yet. i got home, talked to doug and dennis briefly, then went out to get some groceries. alex was already waiting outside my when i got back.

even though i'm taking the day off tomorrow to go to the beach, i'm not going to get a restful night of sleep because i have to drive alex to the airport in the morning. i am the friend who picks people up from the airport and drops them off. mostly recently dan and renata, and now alex. i told alex earlier that he had to leave before 8pm because i had an important night of television watching, but he overstayed his visit until 8:30pm, making me miss the season premiere of the gilmore girls, although i did tape it for future watching. after he left, i made some tacos, eating 4 while watching the end of the gilmore girls. where is lane? is she no longer on the show, or did i miss her cameo? from what little i saw of this new season, i think it just might be the last season of the show, it's starting to wane a little bit. but i think it's cool that luke and lorelai might be hooking up, i vicariously live through their starcrossed romance.

julie came by at 9pm. normally we'd be having dinner, but she went to her mother's earlier tonight. we watched the red sox game (it's nice to watch the game with somebody who appreciated baseball) until 10pm, when we switched over to queer eye, the real reason for this evening. i ate another 4 tacos, surprisingly julie with my ability to eat more than my body weight. during the first commercial break, i gave her a bowl of grass jelly which she was afraid to eat. during the next commercial break, we got vanilla ice cream topped with a melted chocolate hersey bar with almonds (she forgot the jar of fudge she had at home). after the daily show, julie went home.

i think one of my living room lamps is broken, the red one by the windows. i thought maybe it was the light bulb, but i got some new ones and none of them worked, which makes me believe it's the lamp itself that's busted. i'll need another ikea pilgrimage sometime soon.