went to bed at 4am last night after an evening of coding, woke up at 9am to go to work in boston. how i found out about johnny cash's death was from geoff, in an e-mail. i actually had to think about it for a little bit, because i thought johnny cash had already passed away since i knew he'd been sick.

i made it to boston (took the t for a change, safer than the motorcycle), happy to be working out of the house for a change, got to the squid office by south station, dropped by the mei tung supermarket to pick up some lunch. i checked my e-mail and immediately saw a message from my other client, some fixes had to be made before she could deliver today. this was exactly what i was afraid would happen. so before i could even settle down, i was out the door again, going back home so i could make these fixes. boston, it was nice seeing you, wish i could stay, but i have to go!

back at home, i was laying down mad code, created three projectors (OS 9, OS X, and PC), and uploaded them onto the client server. with that done, i was finally able to let out a sigh of relief, and fixed myself some lunch in the form of microwaved chicken pot pie. watching the news, that's when i found out that john ritter had died last night from some sort of aortic dissection. hearing the news about his passing was sadder than hearing about johnny cash. i grew up on john ritter (can't say the same about cash). i used to watch three's company as a child, even though my father didn't want my sister and i to watch it. at that young age, i just thought the show was funny, i didn't catch any of the sexual innuendos, i didn't even know what being a "tinkerbell" in san francisco meant. then more recently, at the beginning of this year, i went through a three's company kick, staying up to 3am to catch reruns on nick at night. as know what? as proof to what a big ritter fan i am, i even saw problem child in a movie theatre in morristown new jersey when it first came out (although to be honest, it wasn't by choice).

in the late afternoon i motorcycled back to belmont, to have dinner with my parents and sister, a belated moon festival feast. it was still early when i got there, and originally i was supposed to go running with mandy (and when i was in boston this morning, i thought i was going running with alex with kristine, before i was called away), but ended up just running on my own when she couldn't do it. i ran my old belmont route, from my parents' house to burbank elementary school, down towards belmont center, back around concord avenue passing by the library and the mobile gas station (where i was earlier, refueling the bike, this is my favorite gas station, i always come here) as well as the town pool and the high school. i went pretty fast, and in my mind i was saying, "streets of belmont, i own you!" but by the time i got to the library (15 minutes after i started running), i cramped up. i walked it off then ran again, didn't stop until i got home. after a soothing shower, it was time for dinner, featuring barbecued lamb chops, fried snappers (fish), and rice meatballs.

after dinner i fixed my father's visor hot sync setup so he could once again transfer chinese files and addresses to his pda. there was something corrupted in the original software, after doing a fresh install, i had to force the patched conduits to override the data on the handheld with the data on the mac. this only works on the old 7500 running OS 9, i don't have chinese language patches for the conduits in the OS X version of the palm desktop, which results in corrupted data whenever we try to hot sync chinese data. with that done, i left to go home, coming back two more times to retrieve my cellphone then to pick up my contact lenses. it was 60 degrees riding home, no worse than yesterday, a partially waning moon bright in the night sky. when i got home, a package was waiting for me on my doorstep, my replacement blades for my braun blender finally came, now i can make smoothies again! the reason why it took over two weeks to arrive i now realize is the company i ordered from is actually based in western canada, so everything had to pass through customs first, and replacement blender parts must seem pretty suspicious.

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