at some point this morning i woke up thinking i had to go to work, then i realized it was saturday, and that i could sleep late for a change. i got up briefly anyway to use the bathroom and to get a glass of water for my itchy throat. for the past few weeks i've been waking up with this throat irritation, i wonder if it's just allergies or maybe somehow i'm not breathing right when i'm sleeping. it can't be something in my house because i had the same problem when i was in the hamptons. i'm hoping it'll just go away on its own, which is how i treat most of my medical problems.

i finally got out of bed at noon, only because i thought mike had come back because i heard some sounds. this wasn't the case however, once again, i have no idea where he is. i get the feeling that he's only going to be using this place part time, and that most of the time he'll be at his girlfriend's apartment, which is where i'm assuming he is.

ate some of my leftovers for a change, the pilaf from last night mixed with the basil chicken stirfry julie made from tuesday night. the highlight of the day was watching the red sox yankees game, tim wakefield was pitching against roger clemens. the red sox ended up spanking the yankees, a final score of 11-0. it's still too early to call anything, and red sox fans are used to disappointments, but it looks promising for the home team, the next few weeks will be interesting. whenever the red sox would score a run, i'd be clapping in my empty living room, then i realize my neighbors can hear me and i stop.

it was a beautiful day today, but i spent most of it indoors, except when i rode the motorcycle down to the somerville target to buy some stuff, including a bottle of liquid plumber for the slow draining bathroom sink. i came home and cleaned the bathroom, a touch of weekend domesticity. earlier, before the baseball game, i washed the dishes that had piled up from last night's delicious foray.

came dinner time, i flipped through a few cookbooks trying to find a recipe i might be interested in making but saw nothing that struck my fancy. i went to star market anyway in the hopes that i'd be inspired. the market was busy with a certain clientele that one would usually find at the porter square star market. i didn't have time to stick around though, i needed feeding, and figured i'd try a shake and bake recipe for drumsticks. i also picked up some toilet paper, the house down to its final roll. call me bourgeoisie, but when it comes to tp, i get the good stuff, i don't skimp. so imagine my horror when renata told me about about her bayberry leaves story, the details of which i will leave to the reader's imagination.

shake and bake is surprisingly easy. i used 4 drumsticks from the 8 that i bought, covered them in the hot and spicy breaded mixture, then into the oven at 400 degrees for 45 minutes. the result was pretty good, although my stomach only had enough room for two drumsticks. i ate while watching escape from l.a., which is total old school science fiction action in how predictable the plot is (e.g. you know the "device that can only be used once" is going to be used somehow in some important part of the movie). today's audience are a little bit more savvy when it comes to storyline.

i'm going to finish off the evening with some coding work then maybe go to bed early.