i spent most of today either thinking about working or actually working. what else was there to do, really? the weather outside was dreadful, rainy and humid, forcing me to stay indoors.

i did go out briefly with bruce to get some bubble ice tea at the porter exchange, my very first time (even though i've passed it a bunch of times). a cute japanese girl worked behind the counter, fulfilling our orders with her thick (yet somehow charming) accent which i struggled with a smile to understand a few times.

mike was home most of the day for a change, napping in his bedroom, while i either worked in the living room or my own bedroom, alternating between television noise and streaming internet 80's radio station. my one errand of the day was to go down in the basement and read the water meter through all the cobweb, phoning in the number to the water department, who had sent my upstairs neighbor steve (and the other half of the condo association) a warning letter saying that we haven't been read in a long time.

mike went out later in the evening, didn't say where, but he did pay his rent tonight, which was good, because earlier i got a distressing call from john rogaris concerning the state of my refinancing and that i had to pay an additional mortgage payment before my old bank would relinquish control of my deed. that's going to put me dangerously close to the deep dark hole known as "no money"-ville, but mike's rent check will at least prevent me from getting bank fees for this month. i also called fleet's customer service and switched my banking package to something that'll screw me over a little instead of screwing me over a lot (a lower minimum balance figure).

the rest of tonight will be spend working until i pass out. i sort of have a delivery due tomorrow and there's still a lot of coding to be done. i also have to wake up early and go into boston to meet up with john so i can deplete my meager savings some more and perhaps spend an hour or two at the squid office putting together a little sample demo for the client.