i woke up this morning to do a few hours of work. nothing too exciting, i just wanted to get some stuff done before i take care of some errands and then go out running. bruce dropped by to say good bye (he was going back to pittsburg to teach) and to return the missing leather riding glove i had mentioned yesterday. cat v.2 is doing fine, ate almost half the leaf, slowing down for another molt. i learned my lesson, when a caterpillar is going through a molt, it's best not to disturb it.

i took the motorcycle to the porter square cvs to pick-up my drug refill, then rode to harvard square, where i parked in the traditional motorcycle. parking lot besides the underground mbta bus entrance. i went to wordsworth to pick up a copy of the national audubon society field guide to new england, a going away present for bruce. i stopped off at a few more bookstores, curious george and the coop, before riding back home, grabbing a 3D postcard with butterflies in a field from joie de vivre, the woman behind the counter wearing a revealing zippered catsuit.

i had a scare when i got back home. my ibook appeared dead, it wasn't asleep, but it wouldn't restart either went i tried to boot it up. i removed the battery, then put it back, but still nothing was happening. only then did i see a very faint image on the black lcd screen, what appears to be the dialog box you'd see if os x crashed. i held down the power button for 3 seconds and that finally did the trick, rebooting the machine.

i went out running, felt good except for the heat, which seemed like it was over 100 degrees, cooking my sweat soaked torso, like running in a sauna. that water fountain is a life saver on a hot day like today, i make sure i thoroughly rehydrated before finishing out the course, punching it into a light sprint for the final 200 yards, before i was grabbing my knees panting to the asphalt, sweat dripping to the ground.

while i was taking a shower, andrew came back from vermont, his last night at my place before moving out to malden tomorrow morning. my mother and sister dropped by briefly to deliver a tv stand carved out of a heavy solid piece of wood, to match my tree trunk media stand in the living room. when andrew left to go to the galleria mall, joel dropped by with his girlfriend sarah and his friend/roommate sean. they had just come back from a $50/pop earwax candling in boston, each person describing the unique experience. after they left, i went over to bruce's place to deliver his present. wearing nothing more than a bathrobe, he greeted me from his doorstep. turns out he had a present for me as well, "field guide to stains: how to identify and remove virtually every stain known to man", which he wasn't going to deliver in person but rather have jack just slip it into my house after he left. i wrapped my present in leftover bridal shower wrapping paper: bruce wrapped his in expensive fibrous green paper with monarch butterfly stickers all over it. we said our final good byes then i went across the street back to my place.

when andrew came back, he made mashed potatoes and corn on the cob for dinner. we watched how to lose a guy in 10 days followed by a football and a baseball game. cat v.2 has crawled onto the lid of the jar, preparing for its next molt.