i only slept 5 hours last night and i am totally exhausted, had a long day, and another long one in store for tomorrow. the abbreviated version of my day: i made a code delivery this morning (having worked on it until 4am last night), changed the caterpillar's leaf (cat seemed angry, crawled off the new leaf and onto the jar lid), went out to chinatown with bruce to have lunch at the taiwan cafe (a five course meal, bruce liked everything except the smelly tofu)...

smelly tofu

shredded beef
sauteed watercress
sa-cha sauce

braised pork
w/bean curd

pork ears

ma po tofu


continue: we split up afterwards, i did some grocery shopping, hauled back to cambridge two bags full of supermarket items, i helped my next door neighbor renee resurrect a crashed pc laptop (bad clusters on a win 98 system), met her adolescent son as well, so shy that he hid behind the fridge door and wouldn't come out to say hi even after his mother told him to, cat crawled back onto the new leaf and ate a big hole out of it, i went to the local supermarket across the street to pick up some beverages before julie came over in the evening to watch some queer eye and to install OS 10.2 on her powerbook. there was also major show and tell when she opened the 30th birthday present sajid gave to her, a 15gb ipod. i made a spicy thai noodle for dinner, trying out a new recipe (a cooking taboo when guests are coming over). the noodle came out too dry, there wasn't enough seasoning, but i cooked with chili pepper oil for the very first time, it's an interesting ingredient that i'll be sure to take advantage of in future cooking. julie stayed until almost 1am before leaving.

black mushrooms

straw mushrooms
and scallions

egg noodles

i've got another busy day tomorrow, there aren't enough hours in a day, or days in a week, to do everything i want to do. that bed looks mighty inviting, time to sleep.