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my favorite is " if she were a food, she would not be tri-color rotini". i wonder if that's a line from a movie or a song somewhere. i also like "feng shui how to stop poison ivy itch". honey, feng shui is not going to save you, you need a good herbicide and some diphenhydramine cream to get rid of that poison ivy problem.

i decided to really sleep in this sunday morning, didn't wake up until 12:30pm. andrew and maura were in the living room, maura left shortly afterwards. i ate some cereal, cracking a wine glass in the process, 1 down 3 to go. andrew and i watched 3 hours worth of liberty! the american revolution, a 3-set pbs video (1997) he rented from the somerville library. he also heated up some leftover pizza which he shared with me. the best part of the documentary - which featured actors dressed in period pieces reading actual journals and letters - was the performance of philip seymour hoffman as revolutionary soldier joseph plumb martin. when andrew left to visit maura at her new apartment, i watched the extra features on the ring dvd he rented (nothing much extras, not worth mentioning). i moved the motorcycle to in front of my place, logged that 3 seconds worth of sunday riding. my caterpillar continues to grow, continues to eat, i even went out a got a new leaf so i'll be ready when it finishes the one it's currently working on. andrew came back, followed by maura. while andrew and i went to zoe's for dinner, maura went out and did some reconnaissance, to figure out how far her new place is to the nearest t station. i treated, since tonight would be the last night andrew lives here before moving to malden.


chinese watercress

drunken chicken

salt and pepper
fried calamari