i got ready for bed by 9pm last night, and i was already in my bedroom reading by 10pm. the day sort of just ended early for me, didn't see any point to prolong it, nothing good was on television anyway. lights out by midnight, i woke up before 9am, couldn't sleep anymore. i got up with an insatiable desire to bake for some reason, so i whipped up some pound cake mix and threw that into the oven while making an egg omelette and some sausages for lunch. i really want to get back into cooking mode again, despite the hot weather. i've got a lot of free time, might as well put it to good use and work on my cooking skills.

i continued to negotiate the terms of my refinancing today, watched some financial news on television, then saw greenspan give some kind of speech. not sure what he said, but the market went down today, which couldn't make me happier. i decided to wait at least another day before locking in my interest rate.

i met bruce around 3pm to go down to townline bowling in malden (he drove). the place was practically empty when we got there. we paid for our shoes ($2/each) and got a lane, number 11. a father daughter team was bowling on our left, a mildly professional bowler did his exercises to our right (his final score was something like 198), and further down a group of asians were yucking it up on a tuesday afternoon. the father daughter were playing kiddy bowl, where they put up rubber barriers along the edges of the lane so it's impossible to get a gutter ball. bruce and i played 4 frames. he was able to break 100 on every single frame, while i was lucky to break 60. on the second frame i came close to breaking 100, before i went back into a slump again. for some reason, i could always knock down some pins in one of my turns, but then get a gutter ball on the followup. i even switched balls, taking the little girl's ball when she and her daddy finished up. that didn't seem to help either. in my defense, i'd like to say that my forearm still hurts from friday night's foray of 10 pins. i've had success at townline bowling before, had my very first 100+ game here, but this afternoon just wasn't my day. for a brief period it was just bruce and i bowling, before a father son team showed up on the lane to our left, a trio of young girls a few lanes down, and a russian family on our right.

frame 1, 103-68

frame 2, 105-93

frame 3, 129-57

frame 4, 126-62

we paid for our four frames of bowling, a grand total of $24, which is what i paid for an evening at king's, and that was just for myself. townline bowling definitely has a towny charm compared to king's, which is more of an upscale cosmopolitan swing joint, but if you want cheap bowling with a cosmic "atomic bowling" decor (which unfortunately only happens on weekend nights, there was no black lights for us), look no further than townline bowling. before we left, bruce told me to check out the vending machine in the men's room. i took a quick photo and left.

when we came back, i took some photos of bruce's little craft project, a monarch butterfly on a leaf sprig (milkweed?) with a simulated egg made from aspirin on the underside. the monarch was made from construction paper and pipe cleaners, the veins on the wings drawn with a black glitter pen.

for dinner, i had some chili and lime seasoning buffalo wings cooked in the toaster oven. susan dropped by briefly to give me her car key so i can take care of her vehicle when she and dennis leave for hawaii on thursday. i don't know how to drive stick! i watched the new bravo show queer eye for the straight guy, an outrageously funny program which can be helpful for straight guys as well as i learned a few thing or two after interior design and dressing well and grooming tips.

nina simone - i want a little sugar in my bowl