this morning i found myself in cambridgeport, helping andrew's mom judy with some blue clamshell ibook issues. we had to upgrade the system to 9.x in order to use the new HP printer that she got, we disabled tap-clicks on the trackpad, learned how to use group lists in netscape communicator, downloaded a photo-laden e-mail, and figured out that the root of many problems was due to a lack of memory (i gave her a cheap place to buy online).

coming back from the porter square t station, i brought out my own ibook just to see how many wireless networks i could detect. it was amazing, about half of the networks were open, the greatest concentration in large multiple unit brick condos. i was able to check my e-mail, surf the web, and instant message julie.

i cooked up some hot dogs for lunch (my stomach was growling the whole time i was over at judy's) then went out running after an hour's worth of digestion. it was warmer than i expected, and i whipped off the t-shirt as soon as i hit the charles river. a weekend's worth of inactivity (despite the 20 mile bike ride) had thrown off my running stamina, and the heat and lack of water didn't help much either. i came home and was snagged by bruce calling from his place before i could get to my to front steps. i met his out-of-town friends kevin and greg, and bruce showed me the present he made for his mother's birthday. i left and took a much needed shower.

the whole day i was trying to negotiate the details of my mortgage refinancing. i was trying to lock in my interest rate, which for a no-fee loan was 5.5%. there was a lot of phone tag then at the end of the day my mortgage guy called me back to let me know he wasn't able to lock in my rate because the market had a surge and it pushed up all the interest rates. he told me to wait until tomorrow or the day after to see if the numbers would be going back down. i am one of the few people who wishes the economy will go back to sour so the interest rates will be low again.

in the evening, shannon came over briefly to test out her media card reader and to show me her new g4 powerbook, her new ipod, and her new isight firewire web camera. her machine was naturally set up for wireless networking and i was able to share my sweet high speed connection with her as we sat side by side instant messaging to each other like a couple of nerds.

for dinner, i cooked up some biryani and split it between andrew and myself, as well as the leftover marinated slices of barbecued steak andrew cooked up yesterday.

towa tei - CHATR (señor coconut mix)