i made myself a hearty lunch, three scrambled eggs, 4 sausages, and a fruit elixir, in preparation for the final run of the week, the friday afternoon run, the culmination of days worth of rigorous training to get to this point (well, actually, just a run monday and wednesday and a bike ride yesterday). conditions were perfect, cold and rainy, just the way i like it. after some stretches, i left the house at 2pm, running fast on my usual route, only walking across the eliot bridge after suffering a mild cramp. i noticed i wheeze when i run, which to the untrained ears might sound like an exhausted hissing. when i go out on monday i think i'm bringing the gps, i want to find out once and for all how far my run is, and how fast i'm going. it feels like i'm running faster, and i'm able to pass people, and in the end it seems i have enough reserve energy to even sprint the final stretch. another thing i noticed is i'm so tired after a run, a lot of times i have trouble keeping my eyes open, and for some reason i squint a lot after a hard run (maybe the squinting is a result of the pained grimaces). anybody else?

my father dropped by briefly to pick up his 256mb dimm memory for the G4 and to bring some mantou for dinner. immediately after i finished eating, i was out the door, on my way to kings, this swanky 21+ bowling place behind the prudential building in boston. this was actually the place that we were going to go for manny's bachelor party except the best man was underaged so we couldn't go in. i was meeting dan and cymara and dan's friend brendon, who were already there (i received a cellphone on the subway going across the longfellow bridge). i arrived right on time, picked up a pair of shoes, and got ready to get my bowl on.

frame 1

frame 2

frame 3
the last time i bowled was two summers ago, in the month of august. i went with amanda rawson to townline bowling (010805), where i had a great time (scored 110 in one of the frames, first time ever breaking 100). a few days later, i went with manny (010809) (highest score 66, a rough night). we all took assumed names, dan was "unit boy", cymara was "beppo chick", brendon was "mister weaver", and i was "tony shank". while dan, cymara and i were playing little pick-up games, knocking down pins here and there, occasionally getting a gutter ball, occasionally getting lucky with a strike, brendon was on whole different level, knocking pins down wholesale, almost unusual if he didn't clear most of them if not all. the first frame i bowled my worst, 86, but that was still good enough to come in second (narrowly beating dan by a single point), with brendon taking a commanding 163 first place lead. i was even able to bowl a strike, although i did throw the ball backwards the first time i went up (this has become something of a tradition with me). on the next frame i finally caught my groove, and even though i didn't bowl any strikes, i had 4 splits which gave me 105. breaking 100 is usually goal, if i can do that, i'm happy. it goes without saying that brendon won that frame. on the third frame, i started out terrible, gutter balls after gutter balls, but finished with 3 strikes, which almost put me over 100 but i ended up with 92, a tie with cymara, while dan took 2nd place with 98. brendon, once again, won this frame as well.

when it was all over, we paid the bill, which was kind of expensive for bowling, $6.50 per game per person plus the $4 for shoes rental, which meant each person had to pay $23.50. i think you definitely pay more for the swanky atmosphere, but gave me a nice well-lit quiet bowling alley any day. nevertheless, it was pretty fun, i'd definitely be interested in doing more bowling. brendon went with dan and cymara back to their apartment to watch the rest of the red sox game, while i decided to go home.

grease 2 soundtrack - score tonight

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