i had some hot italian sausages cooked via the george foreman grill method for lunch, with a banana on the side and plenty of fluid to hydrate myself. after an hour of digestion, i went out and did some topless running around the charles river. it's been almost a week since my last run (last wednesday), so i knew it wasn't going to be easy. although the weather was nice, warm weather isn't good for running (at least not for me personally), and i slowed to a walk by the time i got to the eliot bridge, out of breath and overheating. after the drinking fountain i picked it back up and ran the rest of the way. i walked home and took a soothing shower.

with exercise out of the way and with plenty of daylight still available along with the exceptionally beautiful weather, i put on my gear and went out for a long motorcycle ride down route 2A again. the sky was a deep blue with lots of puffy white clouds, a windy stretch of grey road cutting a path through green pastures and farmlands and forest. i felt like i was riding through one new england postcard after another. instead of just stopping at ayer and coming back, i went west 10 more miles to shirley, massachusetts, and stopped off at mohawk motors, where there's a native american muffler man standing by the side of the road. i can back right during rush hour, but it was against the flow of traffic so it wasn't too bad. there weren't as many bikers as there was on sunday (hey, bikers have jobs too), but i waved to all the ones i saw, the over-the-handlebar half salute, the low five, and the side wave, i used them all. i even waved to people riding sport bikes, which i sometimes don't do. heck, i wouldn't probably even waved to somebody riding a scooter if i saw one. it was 6pm when i made it back to cambridge.

i watched the pumping iron documentary on cable, about the mr.universe bodybuilding competition from the 70's. it's such an interesting documentary, especially now, since it features arnold schwarzeneggar and lou ferrigno, two stars with movies out this summer (lou ferrigno with a cameo in the hulk, but he was the original television show hulk, and arnold has his terminator 3 coming out on wednesday). arnold was a real pompous asshole back in those days, the whole movie is pretty much about him saying how great he is and how bad lou ferrigno is. plus, i couldn't help but to notice the very strong homoeroticism of bodybuilding competitions.

julie came by at 8pm to pick me up. i was accompanying her to her first craig's list purchase, someplace in brookline, near jamaica plains, to buy a folding kitchen table along with four chairs. it was a difficult place to find and we even got pulled over by a cop near BU, for making an illegal left turn across the train tracks. he let julie go with a warning despite the fact that she didn't have her driver's license. since julie didn't have her wallet, we also had to stop off at a bank where i withdraw enough cash for her to buy the kitchen table set. this reminds me of when i went with eliza jones last year to buy a used monitor, she also didn't have any cash, and i also spotted her the money. julie said the reason why she was so scatterbrained is because she came directly from her rowing class.

when we finally found the place after circling the neighborhood for a while and making phone calls on the cellphone for directions, the russian couple helped us take apart the table and tape everything closed. they lived on the 5th floor so it was a bit of a haul, but the husband brought down most of the heavy stuff, while julie moved her car to the back of the condo and i helped carry a few chairs. miraculously, everything fit into julie's honda accord. we drove back to somerville and i helped julie move everything down into her basement.

since neither of us had any dinner and it was close to 10pm, we decided to go to christopher's in porter square to get some food (on weekdays, christopher's is actually opened until 2am). i got the barbecue chicken sandwich along with a rootbeer. the sandwich was surprisingly good, reminded me of the barbecue chicken sandwich i used to get working on broad street. julie paid for my dinner as a way of saying thank you for coming along with her and helping her haul back her furniture.

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