charlie's angels: full throttle follows a formula that can't lose: start with a trio of sexy ladies who kick ass, add wall to wall action (matrix style), multiple costume changes, throw in some hot men, and make it funny. it's got something for everyone, the sort of melting pot movie that makes summertime cinema fun. i didn't think much of the very first charlie's angels movie, i thought it was interesting but not very memorable. going to see the sequel, i wasn't particularly thrilled. people know my dislike for lucy liu (i don't like the way she looks, did they run out of pretty asian women in hollywood?) and cameron diaz has that skinny supermodel thing going that i don't find very appealing. the start of the movie changed all that. just like in the james bond movie where they lead off the film with a signature action sequence to capture your attention, the same thing was done for this film. as far as action sequences go, they had me from that point on, i was ready to take the charlie's angels ride for the next two hours. if you've seen the trailer or heard anything about the movie, you probably know that demi moore plays the villain in the film. she doesn't have very many scenes, perhaps three total, but for a 40 year old woman, she still looks amazing and the film is not ashamed to show you this by having her prancing about in as little clothing as possible. this is not a bad thing, made even better by her trademark husky voice. crispin glover returns as the thin man. the premise behind his comeback is kind of suspicious and seems kind of forced, but his appearance is a welcomed sight. unfortunately, bill murray isn't in this sequel. i heard the word on the street is that he didn't get along with lucy liu in the first film, and vowed never to work with the woman (more reason to hate her). fortunately, bernie mac as the new bosley works very well. bill murray's bosley was sort of a coward, while bernie mac's bosley is braver and gets involved in more of the action (although usually with comedic results).

i still can't help but to think the movie is sexist somehow (just take a look at that theatre display), but apparently it's following a popular trend of girls who kick ass, in the same league as buffy the vampire slayer (sarah michelle gellar), the dark angel (jessica alba), sydney bristow (of alias and jennifer garner's elecktra character), and lara croft tombraider (angelina jolie). make them sexy, which appeals to men, but make them power (smart yet deadly), which appeals to women and supposedly empowers them someone. does it? i've asked a few of my lady friends, they seem to love these movies, so apparently it does. i say let this trend continue, i'm more than happy to see girls who kick ass.

i think at the end of the summer, if i was to compile a list of the 10 best movies this season (best in terms of entertainment value), charlie's angels: full throttle would definitely be on that list. it's the kind of movie you're supposed to see during the summer, and with its surefire winning formula, it will appeal to everyone.

i had lunch buffet with shannon at namaskar in davis square today. there didn't seem to be as much food as at ajanta's, the indian place next to the galleria mall where i used to eat a lot of buffet lunches, but the ambience was better (wooden bamboo floors, mahogany tables, beautiful blue orb crystal pendant lights) and they gave us a little glass of pre-lunch aperitif along with two different kind of fresh bread (one was sort of like pita, the other was kind of a crepe). shannon and i both had two plates of food, then pigged out on the excellent rice pudding. if there was one thing against namaskar it'd be the army of waiters hovering about our table, watching us eat, interrupting our meal to either pour us some more water, take away our empty plates, or the occasional "how is everything?" right in the middle of our conversation. how is everything? maybe this place would be better with a lot less attention. it got to the point where i couldn't really enjoy my meal, felt like i was under surveillance. were they really trying to be considerate and helpful, or were they afraid i'd steal the silverware or perhaps eat too much for my buffet?

shannon and i walked back to her place out by porter square, passing a good will store where she bought a hotel management book for kids (where i almost bought the 2nd edition advanced dungeon and dragons handbook for $1). we also took photos by the somerville/cambridge townline sign, and where i saw a young woman riding a moped (which made me yearn to get on a motorcycle myself, which was i originally planned on doing today).

we then drove to the fresh pond cinema where we watched charlie's angels: full throttle. i called up moviefone to find out the showtimes while shannon was busy driving and instant messaging on her cellphone. we sat behind a group of high school aged suburban kids, 3 guys and 2 girls. one of the girl was channeling some serious 80's action, with a crazy vintage square peg pompadour. one of the boys was wearing a black mesh lining underneath his black t-shirt, and another boy was a tall asian with overgrown sideburns. shannon and i were both fascinated by these teenagers, especially the 80's girl, who couldn't have been born during that decade. i would totally watch a reality show about these kids, following them around, seeing what they do for fun everyday.

after the movie, shannon dropped me off at my place, where once again i was trying to stay cool, today no where as bad as the past few days (only in the 80's temperature-wise).

when andrew came back from a day at the beach, we barbecued a strip of baby backribs outside on the weber grille. it was my first time doing ribs on the grille and they came out a little bit charred, although andrew didn't seem to mind. he also cooked up a bag of kidney beans, and we ate in the living room with the air conditioner on while watching the red sox vs. the marlins game (red sox ending up losing, 10-9). i spent the rest of the evening watching a 2 hour documentary on the history of comic books.

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