would you believe i did nothing today?

because that's the truth. while the rest of the world was busy working on this last day of the work week and preparing for the weekend, i was already there, waiting for everyone else to arrive.

i basically spent most of the day indoor trying to stay cool. i was hoping i wouldn't have to turn on the air conditioning, but minutes after i woke up this morning at 10am, that machine was on, converting hot air into cold air. after a lunch of some leftover chicken bits wedged between two slices of raisin bread, i took a shower. since i was alone and all the blinds were drawn, i basically walked around the house in my underwear until i got self-conscious enough to put on some shorts. later, i tried out one of the wifebeaters but took it off because it was too hot. my wrists hurt for some reason, probably due to my "wrong technique" water treading yesterday. renata had said it was pretty much an effortless task to stay afloat, that if she wasn't panicked she could tread water for over an hour. that's i how i know i'm doing it wrong, because i get winded after a few minutes, and then i get nervous and start moving closer to the shore. maybe one day i'll learn how to swim, but at this age (a quarter of a century plus four), with the fear of water so deeply ingrained in soul, i've pretty much accepted the fact that perhaps not in this lifetime. and something completely off-topic, but i think the haircut i got a few weeks ago before the wedding is totally bad and i will never go back to them. it's not a hair cut as it is a hair trim. i need to go to the school street barber shop in belmont and get a real man's haircut, short enough to last me through the summer and keep me cool. my father dropped by briefly to reclaim the G4 (and monitor) that i had installed some programs on last night. i threw the system into chinese localization before he left with the machine. OS X has the most amazing chinese localization i've ever seen in any operating system, translating almost everything into chinese. i thought about going out for a run, but the blisters on my feet combined with the unheathly heat was all the reasons i needed to remain indoors. maybe the one constructive thing i did was to continue adding past entries to the weblog, i'm up to september 2001, i've got four more months to go before i have everything online.

by evening (or summer evening, as it was still bright outside), my mother came by my place to pick me up. we went back to belmont to rendezvous with my father and suhan. suhan, the college aged son of a family friend, has visited boston each the summer for the past few years (i took him down to NYC 2 years ago, his first visit). he's here this year on a mission from his father to visit the few indian reservation casinos in the local area and turn $3000 into something more: his father essentially sent him to go gamble, which kind of makes me scratch my head about what kind of child rearing technique that is. anyway, we all went to the 88 supermarket, getting dinner at the attached food court before doing some grocery shopping. i had the tom yum noodle soup with chicken, quite delicious, but on a hot day like today eating something so spicy, it was making me sweat buckets, even in the air conditioned food court. the place was packed with mostly asians of all ethnicity, which made me feel weird, as i have a love/hate relationship with members of my own race.

after dinner we went shopping. i didn't really get anything, just some edumame beans, a clutch of bananas, and a bag of preserved prunes. i noticed a lot of people in the supermarket who were just eating at the food court like us. the outside heat plus the fact that i just had dinner made me lethargic and i walked the aisles in almost slow motion, scanning the shelves for interesting things to take photos of.

i got a ride back to cambridge. i saw that andrew had been home earlier but went out for the evening, leaving a note on the dry erase pad on the fridge. later my father dropped by again to pick up some firewire cables (so he can work on his digital video project), at which time i also gave him a tour of OS X, his first time using the new operating system.

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