while reheating the leftover beef noodle soup for lunch, bruce messaged me about seeing some of the photos he took from the gay pride parade a few weeks ago. i took a few copies for the fridge, and briefly went over to his place where he showed me what he was going to do to the foyer, painting it a shade of orange (sort of reminded me of my own place). i went back home and had lunch, careful to keep all the windows closed, to keep the cool in and the warm out. how warm? according to my online thermometer, the temperature today reached as high as 92 degrees. i briefly thought about the idea of another run, but i didn't want to nurse a heat stroke for the rest of the summer.

i called that korean guy to let him know i wouldn't be buying his G4. no matter what the language, i could hear the disappointment in his voice as he said good bye over the phone. i fell asleep for an hour before alex came over. he brought over some gifts, an used kvm switch and some unused "wifebeaters" i said that i could take off his hands, as part of my summertime wardrobe. despite the heat, the weather was good, and i wanted to have an opportunity to go out and possibly take some photos. we walked down to the charles river via the usual route i take when i go running. i saw the familiar black pansies and thought about how they were faring in this intensely hot weather.

there wasn't much activity along the charles river. most of it were people commuting back home. i'd imagine most of the action would be further east, closer to boston.

coming around to the end of our charles river tour, i saw a black crowned night heron standing by the bank of a river, seemingly spacing out (or perhaps looking in the water for fish), underneath a shady overhang of greenery. it was at a different spot than when i saw one the first time a few days ago.

we cut through harvard square, then harvard courtyard, to get back to my place. alex stayed for dinner, he got some takeout dumplings from zoe's while i reheated the leftover burritos from last night. after we watched resident evil on cable, alex went back home. i spent the rest of the evening soaking in the tub and surfing the web, practicing my theory of "fighting heat with more heat."

northern state - dying in stereo