jeff told me the story of his house, how 200 years ago it used to sit on the corner of beech street and mass ave in cambridge (a few blocks from porter square in north cambridge), which is now the site of st.james's episcopal church, and then later it was moved to this current location in between somerville and cambridge. all this while we were sanding his bedroom. i used the vibrating sander for almost two hours, my left hand was completely numb (it still feels kind of weird). i then spent the rest of my work day sanding with traditional sandpaper and patching up nail holes with wood filler compound, my fingers crusted with the stuff.

i made some hot dogs for lunch. besides the usual condiments (sweet relish, ketchup, grey poupon mustard), i think a sprinkle of chopped onions gives them that extra kick. i also made a fruit elixir with my last remaining banana, into the mix went frozen apricots, grapes, strawberries, melons, and some mango fruit juice. i added a touch of chopped mint leaves, something i learned from julie, which added a little bit more flavor into the elixir, and adds a nice touch of green.

later i went running. it was raining, which is my favorite time to run. in my mind i planned on running the whole way through, from my house all the way down to the river and back, but somewhere along storrow drive i lost momentum and had to walk a little bit. some mild cramping didn't help matters much either. the rain was light, not the monsoon i experienced last week (030611), which was kind of disappointing, i wanted to get thoroughly soaked again, that level of outdoor saturation is exhilirating. on the walk home, iridescent oil slicks and yellow tree pollen swirled in the many puddles i passed. every low-lying tree branch, every leafy bush that i passed, i'd slap the cold water onto my outstretched arm.

i got home, took my second shower of the day, then decided to pay my stack of bills and fill out several rebate forms. andrew was working from home the whole day, camped out on the dining table in the kitchen with his laptop. feeling the draw of unconsciousness, i read some more tatiana's sex advice then i took a nap at 6pm and woke up two hours later for dinner (surprised to see it was still light out, the longest day of the year is almost upon us, soon summer will officially begin), more leftovers. i watched walking with cavemen on the discovery channel. i learned: (1) our change in diet from herbivore to omnivore not only gave us a greater range of food to eat but our consumption of meat added valuable proteins to our diet which allows greater brain size, (2) the whites of our eyes is an evolutionary feature that allows us to convey a wider range of signals just through our face alone, and (3) the mastery of fire meant people no longer had to be afraid at nights and give our ancestors valuable time to reflect, which gave rise to the thinking brain.

please enjoy the bonus mp3:

marlene dietrich - falling in love again