top of the living room closet and one of the doors. i dripped oil paint everywhere, which included the new wooden and slate floors. jeff had to go over the door that i painted one more time with a brush to get rid of the brushstrokes while i was cleaning up. i came home with my arms and hands ghostly white from washing them with paint thinner, which has a bad way of drying up my skin. after today's sloppy paint work, i think he's going to have me do some sanding of the ceiling beams with a wire brush instead.

two moving trucks were having a tug of war on my street, one moving in, the other moving out. the one moving in was more of a large semi than a small moving truck, it practically eclipsed the sun the whole time it was parked on the street, diverting traffic down a side street as it completely blocked off the road.

12-1pmshower & lunch
i made some ramen, which i felt sort of guilty eating, but after amy gave me the go ahead, i was able to enjoy my non-nutritious instant lunch.
i like to give myself an hour to digest my food before going out for a run. i drink a lot of water to properly hydrate, and i also did a load of laundry while i was at it.
perhaps my best run since i've been doing this harvard square charles river route, i never felt tired, and the more i ran the more i felt like i could keep on going, running slightly faster towards the end. i ran down to the river, and ran part of the way back home as well. the weather was perfect, 60 degrees, which meant all the fair weather runners would be at home, and i could have the whole river to myself. the only runners i ran into were a handful of middle aged men and some bikers. the banks of the river hosted a large community of canada geese families, the goslings no longer cute as they quickly mature to adulthood. in the river, cormorants could be seen, and i also spotted a female song sparrow and a female downy woodpecker. coming back, i talked to bruce briefly through his window, but when jeff showed up, i quickly left.
3-6pmshower & shopping
i went next door to get some groceries. not good groceries but bad groceries, things like ice cream and potato chips and cookies. i went before 5pm to beat that afterwork crowd, there was hardly anyone at the star market, although the beacon street star market isn't the social mecca that the porter square star market is. i came back home and made myself a brown cow: coffee and vanilla ice cream mixed with root beer.
originally i only planned to sleep for an hour or so, but didn't wake up until it was dark outside, 9pm. i slept in the living room, which is my traditional napping location.
i've been meaning to make some clam linguine since last week, but have yet to do it. tonight was no exception, i ended up having some oven baked buffalo wings flavored chicken cutlets. dessert was this aloe pudding i bought from chinatown many weeks ago. it wasn't bad, the cubes of aloe had this very aromatic flavor to them.
nothing good on television, but since i had a nap, i don't feel sleepy, so it's either watching tv or reading a book. i'll read a few pages right before i go to bed though.