ever since i've gone wireless, i hardly ever touch my desktop machine anymore. it's all about the luxury of surfing the web in the living room with my ibook lying on the couch watching television at the same time. unfortunately, this couch has a way of putting whoever sits on it fast asleep, and i find myself nodding in and out of consciousness. i'll make this quick so i can go to bed, i really need the sleep.

today i painted the railing up on the attic overlooking jeff's living room. this meant that once again, i was back up on the ceiling beams, balancing precariously, facing my fear of height like i was some contestant on a reality tv show. the combination of a very warm attic, the smell from the fumes, and trying to balance myself on the beams meant imminent danger. i kept on imagining myself falling down to the floor below, breaking my arms and legs or worse. i went 5 hours before i came back home, having survived a most traumatic day of painting.

after my shower, after a lunch of ham egg cheese bagel, i did some errands. i have a list of things to do and one of them is to do my laundry. i have dirty clothes in the hamper that're over a month old. i have no excuse for not doing them, since i have an in-unit washer/dryer so i don't have to take my clothes down to the laundromat, of which there are three all within a block of where i live. i did a load of darks then a load of lights. after laundry, i went out to nomad to buy a pair of tickets for the cambridge secret gardens tour this sunday. a rather attractive and chesty young woman asked if she could help me, i told her what i wanted, she told me i'd have to pay with a check, i replied i would come back and meet her again tomorrow and then left. next i stopped by joie de vivre, looking for presents but ended up just getting a marilyn monroe postcard for myself (the one where she's pumping iron). i went to the bank and deposited andrew's rent check for the month of june, then went to cvs to see if they have this month's issue of money magazine, an article about real estate that ranks cambridge as having the highest rate of property value growth within the past 5 years (this is nationwide, not just in massachusetts), followed closely by somerville in second place. cvs didn't have the magazine, but coming back i went to brooks pharmacy and they had it. i went home, following a woman wearing red pants. i got my checkbook and went back to nomad, where the same lovely chesty girl and another employee helped me get my secret gardens tickets.

my ornamental pepper plants have finally sprouted, after about a month of dormancy. i was sure they'd all died for some inexplicable reason, but the miracle of life i suppose, and the resiliency of plants. the cilantros are getting skinny, probably lack of sunlight. the basils are growing slowly, maybe i have to thin some out. i hope it'll be a long growing season, at this rate, i probably won't be getting any vegetables (at least for the peppers) until the fall.




i made some microwave popcorn today but unfortunately the bag was too large for my small microwave so i ended up burning the popcorn and stinking up the rest of the house. i had the popcorn anyway, no sense letting it go to waste, picking out the good popcorn from the bad popcorn. i ended up throwing away the rest of it after there were no more good popcorn left.

someone from california also contacted me via e-mail/aim about a potential lingo job. he knew me only through my weblog, one of my secret fans. it's weird how life works sometimes, and how opportunity has a way of just falling into my lap. i guess i'm lucky like that. my life isn't so much a series of goals that i went about actively striving for as it is one lucky opportunity presenting itself one after the other. sometimes i wonder if it isn't some kind of destiny, that the jobs i have, the places i live, and the people i meet, aren't all part of some greater plan. then i remember i don't believe in any of that stuff and just shake it off.

i planned on making some clam linguine for dinner, but shannon called me up at the last minute and asked if i had any dinner plans, so we ended up going to the newly reopened koreana on the outskirts of central square. old koreana used to be this very cozy korean restaurant, full of booth seats sort of like at friendly's. the new koreana is more modern looking, with more seats and windows. it was very busy but we still managed to get seats. we both got the bulgoki, but because shannon's on the atkin's diet, she couldn't have any rice with her dish. one of the things we talked about was where she should move now she has enough money for a down payment on a place with her settlement money.

after dinner, we went to trader joe's before i got a ride back to my place. both my parents stopped by after work bringing over some furnitures to see if i'd want them. they left soon afterwards.