after a four day memorial weekend hiatus, i was back painting jeff's place next door. i put the first coat on two primed windows and a second coat on a first coated window. with so many windows in various states of paintedness, i almost need a scorecard to keep track of what i've done and what i have left to do.

i came home after 4 hours, my hands and arms covered in oil paint that will probably be there for the rest of the week, my badges of honor as i like to call them, so just by looking the world can see that i am a man who paints. after i took a shower, my father dropped by briefly to see the ikea stuff i'd bought and to bring over some rice noodles for lunch. he also went down to the basement and relit the pilot light that had gone off, since today was cold enough that i needed to crank up the heat. with just a few days left before june and i'm still cranking the heat.

after my father left, i spent a few hours trying to debug some code i was supposed to look over during the weekend. without going into very much details, it's the kind of bugs that only breaks on the client's computer, so it's nearly impossible for me to fix since i can't replicate the errors. it's at a point where it's kind of in a crisis stage. i'm probably already 40 hours over budget, and at this point i don't expect to get paid for any of it, let alone the remaining amount i was supposed to get paid. i'm doing it more for a sense of closure, and because i may be the most naive and business savvy-less person on the face of the earth. here's what's going to happen though: thursday morning 7am i'm driving down to plymouth again, so i can see the bugs for myself and hopefully fix them right on the spot. i'm sort of numb to the whole experience, i just want to get it over with as soon as possible.

with programming on a temporary reprieve until thursday morning, i then had some time to put together the ikea olsvik end table i had bought. i love these DIY ikea furnitures, each box is like a puzzle you get to put together, except when you finish you don't get a toy but rather an expensive piece of swedish designed furniture. the table's pretty sweet, now i have three different round end tables floating around my living room. i got that fuzzy warm feeling people who own their own homes and buy a piece of furniture that just seems to fit and make the place seem cozier.

i found out through bruce that s+d have password protected wireless access in their building. and here i was thinking i was the only one on my street! it's a pretty cool idea though, being able to split highspeed amongst the tenants and not even needing to hardwire anything. when the weather is nicer (not cold, not raining), i'm going to roam around the neighborhood (suspiciously, i might add), searching for wireless networks, make my own little map of where to go to get free net access. it's like there's this invisible world out there waiting to be explored. i could be the magellan of cambridge wireless.

i was very sleepy all day, having only slept four 4 hours last night (too much coffee on the road trip back), and desperately wanted to take a nap. i was finally able to catch some winks during the red sox-yankees game on television, waking up when it got dark, and making some ramen for dinner (bad ramen, seafood flavor, not sure where i got it from). for dessert, a box of ripe strawberries. the rest of the night i'm going to try to catch up with my blogging, fill in all the missing days.