primed two windows, caulked another, and prepped a 4th window, before finishing my daily 4 hours of paint work and coming home to take a shower and eat lunch. lunch came in the form of yet another chicken pot pie, the second to last one in the fridge. i also boiled a bag of salted edumame beans, snacking away in the living room. today's weather was overcasted with an occasional light rain. i left my seedling outside overnight (the weather's finally warm enough to do that), they're finally picking up some growing speed. i recognize the basil, but the plants i thought were peppers i'm now wondering if they're cilantro. if i had to guess, i think they're cilantro, i don't think any of my peppers are going to sprout, but there's still a few more days left to germinate.

julie was having a barbecue today but she cancelled, only to have it again with me as the sole guest, so she could test out her grilled fish recipe. she also invited joel after i told her he was taking me to the sex store on mystic avenue in medford to buy an inflatable sex doll.

manny's bachelor party is this friday night, and since it looks like the only debauchery we'll be doing is having a barbecue with a handful of guys and then maybe go out bowling (yeah, crazy, ain't it?), i came up with the idea that we should have a sex doll as a prop (if nothing else, it'll gave the appearance of sexual depravity). so after work, joel came by and we drove to amazing.net, a windowless building off of a highway access street. i wanted to get the cheapest, no frills doll they had, and i had to ask for assistance from a woman who came out from behind the counter to help find what i was looking for. i ended up going with the little sweetie doll ($35), featuring three holes i told the woman i wasn't going to be using, and she said with a smirk, "you're not, huh?" it's hard to take anything spoken within a sex shop at face value, and i was kind of at a lost for words when she asked, "do you need a pump?" she meant something to inflate the doll with, and recommended using a bicycle bump of some sort. she also wouldn't stop mentioning the fact that i have to "blow up" the doll, to the point where she asked me if i was embarassed. while i was paying for the merchandise, i saw a little sign on the counter saying, "please do not throw the money at the cashier. they're human too, please kindly hand them the bills." i guess maybe a lot of customers are in such a rush to buy their stuff and leave, that apparently this is a problem, people throwing money at the cashier.

we drove to davis square to julie's place, where she was firing up the weber grille for the very first time out in the backyard. while waiting for the brickets to turn white, julie gave joel a tour of her place, since he'd never been there before. we bumped into her roommate kim, who later left. joel told us about the layoff crisis at his office, and we all reminisced about our own screen house layoff experience. when the grille was ready, julie grilled some marinated mahi-mahi steaks along with various slices of vegetables.

besides mahi-mahi, i had also brought along the box of beef flavored garden burger andrew and i bought for the barbecue we had at our place two weeks ago. the brickets weren't hot enough to properly cook the burgers (which didn't need much cooking anyway, considering it wasn't really meat), so julie threw some fresh brickets into the grille, where a large bonfire burned for a few minutes before the brickets were ready again for grilling.

we had dinner on the new dining room table (belonged to her roommate amy, who was hiding in her bedroom). besides the mahi-mahi splashed with feshly cut lemon, the grille vegetables (peppers, onions, tomatoes), and the garden burgers served on toasted buns with mexican barbecue sauce, julie also made smoothies for us (strawberry with a hint of mint and lime), and a bowl of salt & vinegar potato chips (my favorite). the only other time i've had mahi-mahi was at legal seafood with dan and joel. i remember i didn't like it very much, too moist and squishy. not the case tonight though, the grilled mahi-mahi had a better texture, more steak like than fish like. though the week's not over yet, i'm going to have to say that tonight i might've had the best dinner of the week. while we were on the subject of drinks, julie poured me a small amount of vodka to try since i've never tried it before. joel and julie laughed as i ran into the kitchen shrieking "it burns!" and spitting out the fire water in the sink.

after dinner, we watched the yankees beat the red sox on television, before joel brought me to his place to look for a kvm switch. in his bedroom i saw the boxes of old comic books he's going to be selling. kind of makes me want to go back to my parents' basement and dig out my old comic book collection, see if i can sell some of it for profit.

when i got home, my clothes smelled of barbecue, which isn't all that unpleasant.

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