one coat of white latex semi-gloss along the baseboards of the stairwell, then a first coat of white oil-based semi-gloss on the sashes of the two windows upstairs. oil paints flatten real nice, but they're a pain to clean up, i hope to do as little of it as possible. i had to wear a mask to protect myself from the fumes. two of the electricians were having a fight about the power drill.

electrician 1: hey, easy on that drill!
electrician 2: huh?
electrician 1: just take it easy, don't toss it like that.
electrician 2: like what? (rattling sound) are you saying i'm becoming a hard job? why don't you get back to work!
electrician 1: just take it easy, don't toss it like that.
both: (giggling)

the construction guys took control of the music today while jeff was out. last week we've been listening to jeff's music, which gravitates towards the classical to folksy spectrum. well, today somebody had a radio turned to the oldies station and we were all groovy to it. every so often the music would take hold of somebody and he'd sing along with the radio. even i found myself whistling to some of the tunes. i think oldies music is the working man's music. there's something about that makes me happy to be performing manual labor for some reason.

also from the 3rd story window i saw two police cruisers pull outside of my next door neighbor's house and knock on the door. i saw 3 officers circle the house, didn't seem like anyone was home, but somehow they were able to open the door and go inside. i didn't see anybody else, and then the police left just as mysteriously as they appeared. now i'm very curious what that was all about. maybe it was a silent security alarm going off, and the police were coming by just to check it out.

i wrote out some checks for bills and ran down the street to a mailbox to mail them off. there was a baglady standing in front of the box, and i kind of crept besides her and put my own mail into the slot before she did. "you scared me," she said calmly, with her headerchief and thick glasses, taking out pieces of mail from a ziploc bag one by one (who's scaring who?). "sorry," i said, then quickly ran back home before my chicken pot pie finished microwaving.

after lunch, i did some research on buying a kvm switch, then a project of mine came back with a bug that i thought i'd fixed and when i tried to fix it a second time, it turned out to be more complicated that i had realized and spent some serious hours working on it, reconnecting the pc and the printer that i thought i wouldn't be needing for a while. the fact that the weather was very much overcasted and the day already felt late didn't help much either.

dinner was the leftover tortellini i made last thursday, wasn't the best food but at least it didn't go to waste. rest of the night, working on this other little last minute programming project which i don't think i'm even getting paid for, and rearranging my bookshelves. i've noticed that there's been a shift in where i hang out in my house. it used to be in the living room, but since i've moved my mac, i spent most of my days in the bedroom now. maybe when i get a wireless hub that'll all change, but the only difference between the living room and the bedroom (besides the location of my main computer) is that i can get the movie channels out in the living room, but in the bedroom all i have is standard cable, which is usually what i end up watching anyway.

on the gilmore girls, i'm starting to get sick of rory, she's all perfect, valedictorian of her class, accepted into multiple ivy league universities, yet she's still so neurotic about her final days of high school. lane only had a brief cameo at the beginning of the show, and i didn't even see dean, mister "surprise! i'm 18 and i'm getting married!" last episode. and that whole story arc about jess leaving the town of stars hollow and going to california to find his father, it's so force fed on us the viewers. and of course the west coast is just as quirky as the east coast, full of weird but interesting characters. and is it just me or did they take the most beautiful girl from twin peaks ms. sherilynn fenn and turn her into this short haircut blonde lesbian hippy chick? with each episode i hate the jess show more and more. then on 24, i hope to god they resolve the crisis by next week, the season finale. if they leave strings hanging, loose ends untied, i'm not sure if i could watch the 3rd season of 24, i will not have my life held hostage by a television show created by sadistic writers who will do anything to keep me watching!

since tomorrow is trash day, before i went to bed i put out the trash, but i didn't put out the recycling bin. i'll do that tomorrow morning before i go to work, so my eccentric neighbor who likes to dump her recycle crap into other people's bins won't have mine to use.